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You must have heard about it, but do you know how many types of software are there. Today I am going to tell you important information about software.

So first let us know what is the definition of software . You must have used software, software is used in most of the electronic devices in computer or mobile.

what is software 

Software is the soul of the computer which performs the function of giving commands to the hardware. Software is the main part of computer or mobile. Without it the computer is of no use. Software is a program created by several programming languages.

In simple form, software is that link of computer mobile which works to connect the user and the hardware. So that the user’s command is recognized by the computer and its output is visible.
There are 3 types of software, first operating system software, second application software and third utility software. These are explained in detail below.

type of software  

System Software – It is the main software of mobile and computer, it is also called master application. It helps to access computer or mobile. System software is the soul of the computer without which it is impossible for the computer to run. 

Examples of system software are – Apple ios, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android etc.

Application Software –   This is secondary software that you install on the computer and do it. There are many similar software like photoshop ms word video editor. Which is called application software. Which can be used anytime installed boys.

Utility software –  This is a type of tool application that lets you add advanced features to your computer or mobile. By the way, many applications are already installed in the system software. If you want to run simple internet then you may not need this kind of application.

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