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What is shershaah movies and when will it be released?

Friends, today we will talk about Shershaah movies, Shershaah movies are based on the story of Captain Vikram Batra’s heroine. Movies in which you will get to see exciting movies of Siddharth Kiara.

Shershaah movies tell about the story of Param Vir Chakra awardee Vikram Batra and in this Shershaah movies you will see Siddharth Malhotra doing action while playing the character of Vikram Batra. The entire flim of Shershaah movies is made in khaki uniform, which is based in full desh bhakti movies. In this film, you will be seen speaking full dialogues on Siddhaarth’s entire patriotism. So let us know about Shershah Movies….

Fans are eagerly waiting for the film Sher Shah, made on the Kargil war. In this film, Siddharth Malhotra has played the role of Captain Vikram Batra. The trailer of the film was released on Sunday. The film tells the story of Param Vir Chakra awardee Vikram Batra. The focus has been kept on him in the trailer as well and Siddharth Malhotra, playing the character of Vikram Batra, is seen in full action. In khaki uniform, Siddharth is seen speaking patriotic dialogues. Let’s know how is Shershah movie trailer

Sidharth Malhotra as Captain Vikram Batra

The trailer of Shershaah begins with the voice over of Sidharth Malhotra. During this, he is in the role of Vikram Batra and is seen talking about the duty of a soldier towards the country. They are saying that love for the country is bigger than any religion in the life of an army person. During the trailer, he is encouraged and he is seen lighting the lamp of love and respect for the country in the hearts of his colleagues. The trailer shows glimpses of the Kargil war. In one scene, Atal Bihari Bajpayee is also seen giving a speech.

Kiara-Siddharth’s romance will be seen

This war lasted from May to July between India and Pakistan in the year 1999. From the trailer of the film, it appears that an attempt has been made to show it focusing on two different points of view. In the trailer, where on one hand it is shown how Vikram Batra, regardless of his life, gave a befitting reply to the enemies with complete impunity. On the other hand, the focus has been on Vikram Batra’s personal life and love angle. Some glimpses of Siddharth and Kiara Advani’s romance have also been shown in the trailer.

Abhishek Bachchan has also played the role of Captain Batra

The trailer has been given a suspenseful twist by showing some part of the beginning of the final battle, but already the heroic saga of Vikram Batra is fresh in the mind of the whole country. In such a situation, it will be a matter to be seen that how much this film, which is full of patriotism, can entertain the fans so much. The enthusiasm is not less than the audience and everyone is eager to see the heroic saga of their real hero Captain Vikram Batra with their own eyes. Let us tell you that on 7 July 1999, Vikram Batra was martyred. Abhishek Bachchan played the role of Captain Batra in the 2003 film LOC Kargil.

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