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I am going to discuss further on what is a server, how many types are there. I will try to give you complete information about the server. So let’s know.

what is server 

A server is a computer or hardware that provides service to people. where people exchange information. If we have to make any file or document  available to the people through the Internet  , then it is done through the server.

The server can be understood as a store room where we keep any of our goods and people can come there and buy that goods. A server is a special type of computer that is on for 24 hours. It can be accessed from anywhere with the help of internet.

The post you are reading is also stored somewhere in the server. If you upload any video song or document  in the website YouTube or Facebook,  then it is stored in a server. And it is served with the help of internet.

what is local server

Local Server Many people use it for their personal work. Mana Lo is a computer where songs video documents or files are saved. You can use it as a server with the help of any application and you can access that computer from mobile laptop or computer. This is your personal server. This is called a local server.

Similarly, many companies maintain big servers, where advanced processor chips are installed, millions of files are stored on the server. And this company gives its server to the people on rent. Hosting is another form of server. Where website files are kept. You see images messages on Facebook, videos on YouTube, even on winning websites, they are all kept on the server.

what are the types of servers

There are many types of servers, I will tell you about some servers. Server is a hardware or machine where files are stored and kept. It can be very big or it can be left, it depends on its capacity. The server is connected to several machines where electricity is available 24 hours a day.

what is file server

Files are stored in the file server. Which allows sharing of files. In this, the video, audio or file database is saved and kept. It is connected to the network.

explain web server

This server is used to host the website from the main room. In this, the browser is used to access the file. For example, if you enter the URL of the website in the browser, then it goes to the website. Earth websites are stored in web servers which are accessed by a web browser.

what is database server

The database server responds to the request of the user and shares the information to the browser. This data is saved in the form of coding, which plays the data on the user’s response. Apart from this, there are other servers like proxy server, mail server, application server or FTP server, all these data are stored and information is played on the request of the user. .

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