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What is PUBG Game?

Friends, today we will know about PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, PUBG game is an online game which is being played very much all over the world.

What is PUBG game? (PUBG Game KYA HAI)

Pubg game is online chatting game. Through which you can play online games with your friends sitting in one place or from any corner of the world.

PUBG Mobile is a virtual video game that can be played on both mobile and computer. The full name of PUBG Game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The company running the PUBG game is Tancent and this game was first made in the computer version, the name of the creator of the PUBG game was Branden Greene, who was from Ireland. It is a matter of 2018 when this game was put for trail in Google Play (GOOGLE PLAYSTORE) as the first game for Android system. But the public downloaded the PUBG game a lot (DOWNLOAD), due to which the PUBG game has made its name in the game world all over the world. The pubg game was downloaded more than 10 million times in under 1 year.

Many modern and new technologies, graphics are being made to make PUBG GAME and there is something new to see in every season. PUBG Mobile has broken many records in the field of gaming.

5 Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile Game (Pubg Mobile Game Benefits)

PUBG MOBILE game is an entertainment game which is most played in the world. Now we will talk about some advantages of this game.

Entertainment :- PUBG MOBILE game When you are free and you do not have work to do, then you can play PUBG MOBILE game for your entertainment. You will not even know when the time will end while playing PUBG MOBILE game. Which will keep you entertained in the spare time.
Stress relief: – Whenever you play PUBG MOBILE game, forgetting all your troubles and enter the game, which gets relief from the troubles happening for some time and for some time we are away from our troubles. Can happen.
Meeting new friends: – We have already told you that this game is an online chatting game through which we can talk to our online friends. 4 players are required to play in PUBG MOBILE game. To play this game, you can even meet new friends in PUBG MOBILE.
Sense of Unity: – From this game we learn the spirit of unity like 100 players are sent together in the lobby of this game and we are 4 players and 96 players present in the whole server have to die. . In this, if there is unity in all four of us, then we can kill all the players living in the entire lobby. Similarly, if you maintain unity in your life also, then no one can do anything to you.
Sharp eye: – In PUBG MOBILE game, we have to keep our eyes sharp that no OTHER anime kills us by seeing us. Because of this, in this game we have to walk looking around.

Note: You should not play this game much, do not play more than 1-2 hours just for your fun.

Now we will talk about the disadvantages of playing PUBG MOBILE GAME…!

Friends, we will talk about 7 disadvantages of playing PUBG MOBILE game.

Bad eyesight: – If you play games day and night, then doing so will have a bad effect on your eyes because the light emanating from the mobile affects the retina of our eyes to a great extent, due to which there is shusla in our eyes. Problems like pan, poor vision, headache may occur.
Waste of time: – The thing that is wasted the most by playing this type of game is time, yes farinds It has been seen that people playing such a game play continuously for three to four hours. Keep on playing the game and keep talking about the events related to the game all the time. Due to which a lot of their time is wasted.
Not feeling sleepy: – Due to using our eyes so much, the problem of sleeplessness is natural.
Depression and stress: – People who play more video games remain in depression and stress because even they get connected to the virtual world and do not understand the real world, they start seeing their real world in the fake world. It is only the people inside the game that start feeling them as their own, so the outside world and the people outside create depression and stress for them.
Digestive system disturbances:- It is a common thing to have problems of mistek, constipation and obesity in the digestive system by sitting in one place and playing games all day.
Violent nature: – Action and bloodshed is shown in abundance in games related to this type of battle ground, the habit of increasing aage by killing one other makes us violent, that is why this type of game is more paly. People who become violent always talk about mardhad, abuse and laday even in real world.
Waste of money: – And friends, the most important thing is the price of such games is very high, mobile data is also spent a lot in playing them.

What did you learn today?

PUBG MOBILE is a virtual online game. Which can be played in both mobile and computer. Today we know about some advantages and disadvantages of playing PUBG Mobile.

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