What is Mechanical Keyboard and how to choose it?

Mechanical Keyboard

If you use computers a lot and you have trouble with its keyboards. So in such a situation I have seen that many people spend their hard earned money in buying these keyboards. This is because they do not know about this type of keyboard which is mechanical keyboard. Such keyboards are very cheap and even better. But often people ignore this new upgrade many times due to lack of information about them. But there is no need to do this anymore, why today we will try to learn about what is a mechanical keyboard and how to choose all keyboards, so that you will be able to buy it easily. Then without delay let’s start.

What is Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is also like a common keyboard in appearance but it is different from others in the way it works. You can say to a mechanical keyboard that it is a keyboard in which there are switches in the board which actuate themselves before their point of bottoming out. For example, Cherry-style metal contact switches. When you press their keys down, a stem enters the housing and allows the metal contacts to be touched. Here you can write each letter.

Switches of other types are also considered mechanical but the mechanism of their working is completely different. Topre switches are also very popular but they are more expensive. These switches have a stiff rubber dome and a conical spring. In this, this actuation process is triggered by changing the capacitance of the spring when it is pressed, and the tactile bump comes out when the dome collapse occurs. Apart from this, there are other types of switches such as Alps-style metal contacts, buckling springs, and Hall effect switches etc. But these switches are not visible much in today’s modern boards.

If you are a regular user of keyboards then using a mechanical keyboard can make you a very effective typist as you can be precise in it and you will always get a consistent feel of the keys while typing. Many switches have high tactility which will help you to predict when a press register is about to happen, so that you can easily press one key and move other keys without thinking about the first one. key is picked up or not. Especially for gaming, you can use such switches which are smoother and faster to actuate as compared to other cheap membrane boards.

One thing we all have to agree that these mechanical boards are very robust and can be easily maintained for many years because they have been made for some reason only. Each switch is very good which can run up to millions of presses. Despite its heavy use, a good mechanical keyboard can last for many years.

How does a mechanical keyboard work?

If you want to understand what makes mechanical keyboards so popular, then you must first understand how these keyboards work. If we talk about the basic feature, then whether it is any keyboard (mechanical or any other) it works normally: like if you hit any key, then that keystroke is registered by electronics which The key is located on the board, and sends it to the PC, where it is converted into text. The thing that separates different keyboards from each other is how your key strikes board is communicated.

Most standard boards use a “membrane” system, where a thin film of dome-shaped rubber or silicone separates the key from the keyboard’s electrical circuits. When you press a key, the membrane is depressed, which allows two contacts to meet and register the keystroke in the computer. Because the key has only two positions: up or down. You cannot press a key halfway down.

On the other hand, the matter of mechanical keyboards is different, because there is no membrane in it. Here each strike is handled by the actual mechanical switch in which it slides up or down. Each individual key has its own self-contained system, consisting of a key, a metal actuator, and a spring that depresses when stroked and returns to its un-pressed state for a successful strike. after. Here the keyboard registers on keypress when the key has gone even halfway down, it does not need to go all the way down.

Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switch

mechanical keyboard types
There are basically three types of switches based on the characteristics: Linear switches, tactile switches and clicky switches.

Linear Switches
These are the simplest ones. They make you feel the same till you press them. There is no tactile feedback or noise when you hit their actuation point (this is the point where the keypress is registered – usually somewhere in the middle of the press). Therefore, most of the time, you can press the key with a very light touch.

Tactile Switches
It provides tactile feedback when you hit its actuation point. When you press the key down, you notice a small bump in it, which tells you that your key press has been successfully registered.

Clicky Switches
These switches give you additional click sound, when you press the actuation point. The main advantage of Tactile and Clicky is that here you do not need to press the switch completely. You can release the key when you receive any feedback.

How to choose the Layouts and Correct Form Factor (layout) of Mechanical Keyboards?
If you want to choose a Mechanical Keyboard then you should choose the right layout for it, as you need. This traditional full-size board is still the most commonly used keyboard and it is also the most common. But if you want, you can use mechanical keyboard in place of your tradition keyboard by using mechanical transition for some changes.

The first is a full-size board containing all the keys that you need to operate a computer without any tension. There are all function layers in it and there is also a full number pad with them. Its main drawback is its size. It is more inefficient only because of its large size. Being large, it has switches in different places and you have to take your rings away to type any numbers which are away from the main typing area.

The second is tenkeyless (TKL), also called 80% of its keyboards. These boards do not relay on the function layers for basic features, apart from this there is no number pad in it. But there is definitely a number row. If you rarely need number pads, then this can be a good option for you. Due to the absence of a number pad, it becomes smaller than before, due to which the mouse comes closer to you.

The third is 60% keyboards, which has become more popular in the last few years. A 60% board has only alphas, number rows, and modifiers. It does not have any dedicated arrow keys, F-row, and number pad. It would be wrong to say that there are no but these features are in its function layer. That’s why you have to hold the function and can press different keys. For example arrows such as Fn+WASD or Fn+JIKL. The main advantage of this is that it is very compact and efficient when you become aware of using its function layer.

If you did not like any of these, then I will tell you about some such exotic layouts which are slowly coming to the fore.

65% size keybaord which is smaller than TKL, but in this you will get to see some keys like arrow keys and some more keys like delete, page up/down, etc. This is a better middle ground keyboard. example

for WhiteFox. They do not take much space and they also reduce the dependence on your function layers.

After that comes the super-small 40% category. These boards have only alpha keys and some modifiers. These are essentially pocket size and usually have at least two function-key layers in which all the basic keyboard commands are covered. If you become good at using 40% board then better and efficient than this is not available in the whole market because all the keys are very close to you.

What Makes a Keyboard Mechanical and Why You Should Have One

The keyboards that are in your desktop computer are usually of rubber dome design. In this you have to press the keys till the bottom and the dome’s contact triggers the press. The downside to this is that the rubber membranes are mostly mushy, inconsistent and you have to press all the way down with every press. Whereas if I talk about Laptops, then scissor switches are used in them. Which provides some amount of tactility, but its low travel and mushyness slowly starts deteriorating over time. Looking at all these merits and demerits, we can think that mechanical keyboards are better than all these keyboards but they are a bit costly as compared to the rest. At the same time, due to its longivity, it is best to use it.

How to choose a suitable mechanical keyboard?

By now you have probably selected all the board sizes for yourself, but you are yet to choose the switches. Because it depends on the user that from which type of switch he wants. There are many such brands available in the market which make the switch according to the choice of the users.

In big ecommerce companies such as Amazon, you will get to see items of many manufactures. It has many variants such as blue, green, brown, clear, red, and black. But before testing all the switches, it is important to know how many varieties they have.

  • Clicky (blue and green)
  • Tactile (brown and clear)
  • Linear (black and red)

With this, all categories are split into two parts, one is heavier and the other is lighter version. Here I have presented a chart below according to their weights.

Name Type Actuation Bottom Out
MX Blue Clicky 50g 60g
MX Green Clicky 80g 90g
MX Brown Tactile 45g 60g
MX Clear Tactile 65g 95g
MX Black Linear 60g 80g
MX Red Linear 45g 60g


You have to choose the switches, but for your information, let me tell you that heavy typists mostly use tactile and clicky switches, and they often choose blacks only.

How to choose a Pre-Built Board?

Now you must have thought about which pieces you want to put, but now you have to choose all the boards. I mean to say that don’t just look at Gaming Oriented Keyboards, as they can be tempting to look at due to their flashy lights, while to use it we use buggy desktop software which is clone of poorer quality. use switches. There are many brands in the market like Cherry, Gateron, and Kilh Mehjood which are all respected switch manufacturers. For this, you will have to keep an eye on everything, only then you can choose a good keyboard.

Which is the most famous Mechanical Keyboard?

If you talk about the famous mechanical keyboard, then it is none other than a German company whose name is Cherry. Cherry made a famous switch named Cherry MX Switch which he made in 1980 and also registered its patent. Very soon due to its popularity, these mechanical switches became a standard of all mechanical keyboards. Now this patent has expired and now everyone can use this design. Now other manufacturers are also introducing their switch types. But despite this, Cherry MX Switches are still popular.

What are the Advantages of Mechanical Keyboard?

By the way, mechanical keyboards have many advantages compared to its competitors such as rubber domes or scissor switch keyboards.

Having a Longer Lifespan
These mechanical keyboards have a significantly longer lifespan. Most mechanical switches have a lifeline of 30 to 70 million key presses. Wherein the lifetime of common membrane keyboards is up to 5 million key presses.

Having No Wear Out
Mechanical switches not only have a longer lifetime but they are very rarely defective. Even after many years of use it still looks like brand new. And no keys are stuck.

Having Improved Typing Experience / Feedback
A mechanical switch offers more tweaking options than a simple rubber dome. It is no wonder that there are many different types of switch types and they also have different characteristics. Some switches have detectable actuation points, some also have additional acoustic feedback. With this you can optimize these switches according to your work.

High Stability / Robustness
Mechanical keyboards are significantly heavier than membrane or scissor keyboards. That’s why they have more stability and are more robust.

What are the disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboard?

Let us know about some diadvantages of Mechanical Keyboard.

Sound Level
Mechanical keyboards are mostly louder than other keyboards. Then for this you can use any silent mechanical keyboard models as well as you can use O-Rings to decrease the sound of keyboards.

High Price
Mechanical keyboards are much more expensive than most normal keyboards. But you should consider it a good investment because you can use this keyboard for many years without any problem.

High Weight
More weight gives stability, but it is difficult to carry it from one place to another. And even if you use it in your lap, you still have trouble using it because of its weight.


I hope that I have given you complete information about what is Mechanical Keyboard and I hope you have understood the information about Mechanical Keyboard. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this. From these thoughts of yours, we will get a chance to learn something and improve something. If you liked this post of mine in Hindi like mechanical keyboard or you got to learn something from it, then please share this post on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc. to show your happiness and curiosity.