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What is meant by the subtle of the assembly? How is it written? What subjects should be included in this?

The actions taken in the meeting are kept in a nutshell for future remembrance, which are called subtle. In other words, it is the article which gives a brief explanation of the decisions taken in the House so that sufficient information can be obtained if needed in future.

What decisions were taken in the meeting and what work was done. According to Mr. Govekar, the subtle indicates the business activities done by the assembly.

According to Mr. Palmer, the subtle is a written record of the business actions taken in the meeting. .Took. And according to Barr, a micro can be defined as a written record of the proceedings of a company’s meeting of directors or shareholders, any one business and the decisions taken.

Of. Of. According to Gupta, it is subtle to write the proceedings of the various meetings of the company, the decisions taken, the actions taken, in order to remember the future.

The secretary has the right to write and prepare subtle, which should be written efficiently, carefully and intelligently. The book in which he writes the subtle is called the Minutes Book. By law it is mandatory to keep the subtleties of each assembly. After the meeting, it should be prepared within 30 days, each page of it should have serial number and the signature of the president.

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