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Folder This name must have been heard by you, but I am talking about the folder on the computer or mobile. On which we keep our important images, videos or documents. Which makes it easy for us to find any document, so let’s know. What is a folder after all? 

What folder –  What Is Folder 

Folder  is used to save any file in the computer , with the help of which we keep many documents, images, videos etc. Which makes it easy to find.

Use of Folder – Folder is used  to save a file, with the help of which many file images or documents can be kept in an orderly manner. With the help of this, any file is divided according to its category, so that we can be easy in future.

what is folder in Hindi

How to create a new folder – To create a new folder, first go to any drive and right click on the mouse, at the bottom there will be an option of create folder, click on it, your new folder will be created. If you want to create a folder in the shortcut, then pressing the n button together with the shift button and ctrl button will create a new folder. I hope now you have come to create the folder.

Opening a folder  – You must know that how to open a folder, if you do not know, then double click the folder which you want to open, the folder will open or press enter on the keyboard.

Rename the folder – Right click on the folder that you want to rename, after that you will get the option of rename, click on it and then change the name. Your work will be done.

Folder move – To move a folder or to move it to another place. For this you have to right click on the mouse, in that you will get the option of cute. Click on it, then go to the folder in which you want to move and right click on the mouse, in it you will get the option of paste, click on it, your folder will be moved. For shortcut, press ctrl and x together, after that your folder will be moved by pressing ctrl and v button where you want to move.

Copying the folder – There are two options for this also with the help of mouse and through keyboard, right click by moving the mouse over the folder, you will see the option of copy, click it and then go to the empty space in the folder you want to copy But by pressing the right button of the mouse, you will get the option of paste, click on it, your folder will be copied. Press the ctrl and c buttons together in the keyboard, then go to the place where you want to copy and press the ctrl and v buttons together, your folder will be copied.

Delete or delete a folder – Select the folder you want to delete and press the del button on the keyboard, your folder will be deleted. Right click on the cursor above the folder, you will get the option of detete, click it, your folder will disappear.

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