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You must have heard the name of the document or document, what is it, I am going to discuss about it today. What is a document and what is a document number.

In olden times the document was paper but with the modern times it has also changed with the advent of computer the document has become digital. Kaggle gets damaged very quickly whereas the document is more secure in the computer and it can be printed out whenever the need arises.

what is document

In  Hindi it is called document. A document is a document in which information is saved using a symbol, character or picture in a paper or computer file. A legal act, land, right or declaration etc. is a written form that can be shown as proof.

document required

If we talk about land, without documents or documents, it cannot be decided who is the owner of it. If two persons judge the ownership rights on any one land, then we need the document. The document certifies that the owner of the land is the Kun. There are many types of documents. who gives evidence. And the rules for making it can also be different.

what is document number

A document number is a unique number that is assigned to the document. This number ensures whether the document or document is fake or not. Making a fraud document is not a big deal in today’s modern era. In the coming days, you must have heard about fake currency and fake passport. To avoid this, all documents have a type number, called document number.

examples of documents 

Documents can be of thousands of types, the main documents are – Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, B One, Collage Degree, Pan Card, Passbook etc.

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