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What do you understand by working number? What are the provisions in the Companies Act in this regard?

Acting number or quorum refers to the minimum number of members of the House that are required to be present for the legal conduct of a meeting.


If it is not present at the time of minimum number of members, then the proceedings of the House cannot be started. If the meeting is conducted without the presence of this minimum number, then that meeting is considered irregular and its proceedings become illegal.


Of. Of. According to Gupta (K. K. Gupta), “Acting number means the number of members that


| It is from a certain number that it is necessary to be present in the meeting to make the meeting legal. It is thus clear that the proceedings of the meeting cannot take place in a company unless the necessary members for the quorum are present in it. In the general meeting of the company, if the quorum is not completed within half an hour of the stipulated time, then this meeting will be held next week on the same day, at the same time and at the same place or as may be decided by the Board of Directors. If in this next meeting also the quorum is not fulfilled in half an hour, then all the members present in this meeting will be considered as quorum and the proceedings of the meeting will be conducted by them.

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