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Report on Annual General Meeting

(Report on Annual General Meeting)

Every listed company shall prepare a report in respect of each of its annual general meetings and file it with the Registrar. The main provisions in this regard are as follows


1. Report by Listed Companies Every listed company shall prepare a report of each of its annual general meetings in the prescribed manner. This report shall approve that such meeting is convened, held and conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the rules made thereunder. Such report shall be prepared in the following manner


(a) This report will be prepared in addition to the minutes of the assembly. (b) This report shall be signed by the Chairman of the House or on his incapacity by any two directors, one of whom shall be the Managing Director, if any, of the Company and the Company Secretary.




(c) This report shall contain details regarding the following


(i) the day, date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting. (ii) Approval regarding the appointment of the Chairman of the Assembly.


(iii) the number of members present in the meeting. (iv) Approval of quorum in the meeting.


(v) The work done in the meeting and their result.


(d) The report should contain a fair and accurate description of the proceedings of the House.


2. Filing of report with the Registrar- The company shall file a copy of this report with the Registrar. This copy of the report should be filed with the prescribed fee within 30 days of the conclusion of the meeting. In case of non-filing within 30 days, this report should be filed within the prescribed time limit with additional fee.

3. Penalty if any company before the expiry of the stipulated period with additional fee

commits error in filing the report, the company shall be liable to a fine of at least ? one lakh and a maximum of Rs.

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