ONE YEAR OF MODI 2.0 Towards a Self-Reliant India


Government of India The Country and the World is going through an unprecedented crisis owing to COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020.
Naons across the Globe have gone into lockdown and people are struggling to find ways to fight the disease and its spread. Even as social distancing and change of lifestyles became a newnormal, India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one ofthe first countries to put up a concerted, comprehensive acon plan to stop the spread of the virus and limit the numberofCOVID-19 infecons.

India put in every effort to convert the crisis into an opportunity. It went into a mode of
self-reliance and sprung into acon to become “Aatmanirbhar”. Internaonal Organisaons like the WHO have praised the efforts made by the Indian Government to fight the pandemic.
India is one of the few countries which announced a complete Lockdown even before the number of the COVID cases in
the countrywere less than 500.
When the Corona crisis started, there was
not a single PPE kit made in India. The N-95
masks were produced in small quanes in
Todaywe are in a posion to produce 2 lakh
PPE and 2 lakh N-95 masks daily. We were
able to do this because India turned this
crisis into an opportunity.
This vision of India – turning crisis into
opportunity- is going to prove equally
effecve forourresolve of self-reliant India.
Under the leadership of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi the cizens demonstrated
their full commitment in prevenng the
spread ofCOVID-19.
Towards this direcon the Prime Minister
announced a 20 Lakh Crore Rupee Smulus
package, which is about 10% of GDP, in
orderto boost the economy and sustain the
The Sagacious leadership of the Prime
Minister was once again proved during
handling of the situaon aer the historic
verdict of the Supreme Court on the
Ayodhya-Ram Janmabhoomi.
The Selement of the decades old BruReang Refugee, ending insurgencies and
integrang the former cadres into the
mainstream be it in Tripura and the Bodo
Agreement are a tesmony to the Prime
Minister’s vision of “Sabka Saath Sabka
Vikas, Sabka Vishwas”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been
voted back to power with an enhanced
mandate in the General Elecons held in
Several other promises like extending PMKISAN to all farmers, pensions to small
traders and farmers, forming a unified Jal
Shak Ministry and more, have already
been fulfilled.
The Following pages give an exhausve
summary of various decisions taken by the
Modi 2.0 Government in the last one year, a
decisive period in the Indian history and the
dawn of a NewIndia, a bright India.
Several important reforms have already
been enacted to realize this goal in the first
year of Modi 2.0 Government. A massive
cut in corporate taxes making India one of
the most compeve economies in the
world, big disinvestment announcements,
Labour Code reforms, Public Sector Banks
consolidaon and connued success of the
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code are just
some of the path-breaking reforms
undertaken by the government since May
The Government had taken several
important decisions which transformed
India like never before. Foremost among
them being the abrogaon of Arcle 370
and 35A, thus fulfilling the decades-old
demand ofthe naon.
= Takes briefings from Cabinet Secretary,
Principal Secretary to PM, Health
Secretary, Home Secretary on a daily
= Interacts with over 150 people daily
= Meengs to review Financial,
Agriculture, Educaon, Civil Aviaon,
Power sectors.
= Regularly calls over phone and
personally interacts with doctors,
nurses, health workers, sanitaon
workers, COVID paents and those who
= The Prime Minister also held separate
Video Conferences with the various
Heads of Indian Missions abroad.
= Holds meengs with various
stakeholders on a daily basis on various
aspects of migang the spread of
CoronaVirus and fighng the COVID-19
= Held meengs with representaves of
Print Media, TV Channels, Radio
Jockeys, Religious Leaders, NGOs/Civil
Society Organisaons
= Interacts with the Ministers on a daily
basis and takes regular feedback from
them on Corona Virus related issues
= Held Video Conferences with Doctors
and Medical Professionals.
= Separate Video Conferences with
representaves of Pharma Sector and
Ayush Praconers.
PM At the
Helm of
India’s Fight
Against COVID–19
Between 20th of March and 11th May the Prime Minister
interacted 5 mes with all the Chief of Ministers through
Video Conference in an effort to tackle the challenge of
COVID-19 together.
Working together
with the States
The Prime Minister announced that he would not
be parcipang in the Holi fesvies in an effort
to make people maintain social distancing.
Leading by example
Address to the Nation
Shri Narendra Modi addressed the naon five mes since
19th of March exhorng people to observe lockdown and
maintain social distance.
In his interacon with Gram Panchs across the country, the
Prime Minister asked cizens to maintain a Do Gaj Ki Doori
i.e Two Yards of Distance between people to follow social
Do Gaz Ki Doori
Announces Rs 1.7 Lakh Crore
Financial Package
The Narendra Modi Government on the 26th of March
announced a Financial Package of Rs 1.7 Lakh Crore which
focuses on emergency cash transfers to the poor.
“To become self-reliant and self-sufficient is the biggest
lesson learnt from Corona pandemic” PM
COVID – 19 Economic
Response Task Force
To deal with the economic challenges caused by the
pandemic, the Prime Minister announced the creaon of the
‘COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force’ under the Union
Finance Minister.
● Government to front-load Rs 2,000 paid to farmers in first week of
April under exisng PM Kisan Yojana to benefit 9.72 crore farmers.
● Government proposes to pay 24 percent of monthly wages into their
PF accounts for wage-earners below Rs 15,000 per month in
businesses having less than 100 workers for next three months.
● For 3 crore aged widows and people in Divyang category, Rs 1,000 to
be given to de over difficules during next three months.
● Limit of collateral free lending would be increased from Rs 10 to Rs
20 lakhs for Women organised through 63 lakhs Self Help Groups
● An ex-graa of Rs 1,000 to 3 crore poor senior cizen, poor widows
and poor disabled.
● Organised Sector – Employees’ Provident Fund Regulaons will be
amended to include Pandemic as the reason to allow non-refundable
advance of 75 percent of the amount or three months of the wages,
whichever is lower, from their accounts.
● The State Government will be asked to ulise the funds available
under District Mineral Fund (DMF) for supplemenng and
augmenng facilies of medical tesng, screening and other
requirements in connecon with prevenng the spread of COVID-19
pandemic as well as treang the paents affected with this pandemic.
● Central Government has given orders to State Governments to use
Building and Construcon Workers Welfare Fund to provide relief to
Construcon Workers.
Announces Rs. 20 Lakh Crore
Economic Stimulus Package
& gives a clarion call for
Aatmanirbhar Bharat,
Self-Reliant India
Bharat Abhiyan
In his clarion call for a self-reliant India, Prime Minister
Narendra Modi stressed on the five pillars to sustain the
growth: Economy, Infrastructure, System (Based on
Modern Technology), Vibrant Demography and Demand.
Prime Minister announces a Rs 20 Lakh Crore Rupees
Economic Smulus Focussing on Land, Labour, Liquidity
and Laws.
Rs. 3500 Crore Free Food Grain –
8 Crore Migrants to get 5 Kg
Wheat / Rice per person and 1 Kg
Pulse per Family
Relief for the Poor, Migrants
and the distressed involving
free food grains, cheaper
loans, affordable housing
Street Vendors
Rs 5000 Crore Special Credit
Facility for Street Vendors –
5 Million Street Vendors to benefit
= Rs. 1,01,500 Crore increase in
allocaon for MGNREGA to
provide employment boost
– Addresses need for more work including
returning migrant workers.
– Helps generate nearly 300 crore person days in
– Creaon of a larger number of durable and
livelihood assets including water conservaon
assets will boost the rural economy through
higher producon.
Job Creaon
Mudra Loans
= Interest subvenon of 2%
for a period of 12 months.
= Relief of Rs 1500 Crore for
Shishu Mudra Loans.
– Affordable Rental Housing Complexes – converng government
funded houses in the cies into Affordable Rental Housing
Complexes (ARHC)
– Incenvising industries, State & Central Govt Agencies to develop
ARHC on land
= Rs 70,000 Crore Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme to those with Rs 6
to 18 Lakh Income
= Affordable Housing – a scheme for migrant workers and urban poor.
Urban Housing
= This would de-regulate food items including cereals,
which help make industry more compeve and
aract investments
= Shall provide for a beer pricing to farmers
Amending the Essenal
Commodies Act
= Rs 2 Lakh Crore concessional credit
through Kisan Credit Cards – 2.5 Crore
Farmers and Fishermen to benefit
= 30,000 Cr – Addional Emergency
working capital fund – NABARD – 3 Crore
Small & Marginal Farmers to benefit
Increasing Pricing Power of Farmers,
Dismantling Historic Barriers
= Rs 20,050 Crore – Pradhan Mantri
Matsya Sampada Yojana
= Rs 11,000 Crore for acvies in
Marine, Inland fisheries and
= Rs. 9000 Crore for Infrastructure –
Fishing Harbours, Cold chain,
Markets etc.
= Rs 1 Lakh Crore –
Financing facility for
agri-infra projects
Infrastructure Fund
Naonal Animal Disease
Control Programme –
Rs 13,343 Crore for vaccinaon
against Foot & Mouth Disease
and Brucellosis. Micro Food Enterprises (MFE) –
Rs 10,000 Crore – to help 2 lakh
MFEs who need technical
upgradaon to aain FSSAI
food standards, build brands
and markeng.
Animal Husbandry – Rs 15,000
Crore aid to private investment
in Dairy Processing, value
addion and cale feed
Beekeeping – Rs 500 Crore to
develop infrastructure- to
benefit 2 Lakh culvators.
Herbal Culvaon Promoon –
Outlay of Rs 4000 Crore –
10,00,000 hectare to be
covered in two years.
Operaon Green – Rs 500
Crore subsidies to be extended
from just Tomatoes, Onions,
Potatoes (TOP) to all vegetables
and fruits.
Big Boost to
Small Industry
and Business –
Rs 5.94 Lakh Crore
Ÿ Rs 30,000 Crore support for NBFC/HFC/MFI
Ÿ Rs 45,000 Crore Support for only NBFCs
Ÿ Rs. 6750 Crore EPF Contribuons
reduced for business and workers
for 3 months
Ÿ Rs. 2500 Cr EPF support for
business and workers for 3 months
Ÿ Rs 20,000 Crore Subordinate
Debt for stressed MSMEs
Ÿ Rs 50,000 Crore Equity Infusion
through Fund of Funds
Ÿ MSME Definion Expanded
Ÿ 3 lakh Crore collateral free
Automac Loans
International Summits
Prime Minister also interacted with the NAM Contact Group
via video conference on the 4th of May
Prime Minister interacted with the leaders of G-20 on the
26th of March through a Video Conference
Prime Minister lead the SAARC neighbours and held a video
conference with all the leaders in order to strategize the
regions’ fight against the COVID-19
Bringing the
Neighbours Together
in the hour of crisis
Power Discoms –
Liquidity injecon of
Rs 90,000 Crore
Ÿ Power Finance Corporaon and Rural Electrificaon
Corporaon will infuse liquidity in the DISCOMS to the extent
of Rs 90,000 crores in two equal instalments.
Global Tenders
upto Rs 200 Crore
Opening up of
Various Sectors
Increasing FDI – Cung Red Tape
= FDI in Defence manufacturing increased upto 74% from 49%
= Lisng of weapons/plaorms which will be banned from imports
= Promoon of indigenisaon of spares that are imported
= Corporasaon of Ordnance Factory Board
Civil Aviaon
= Easing of Restricons of use of Indian Air Space to increase
efficiency of passenger aircra, save fuel and me.
= More World Class Airports through PPP route: 6 more airports
idenfied for second round bidding.
= Addional Investment by private players in 12 airports in 1st and
2nd rounds is expected to bring around Rs. 13,000 crore.
= Another 6 to be nofied for third round bidding.
= Making India a Global Hub for maintenance, repair and overhaul of
Power Sector
= Privazaon of Distribuon in UTs – Power Departments / Ulies
in Union Territories will be privased.
= Tariff Policy Reform in the Power Sector ensuring consumer rights,
promong industry and sustainability of the sector.
= Government’s Viability Gap Funding increased to 30% from
exisng 20% with an outlay of Rs 8100 Crore for private projects
invesng in Social Infrastructure.
Social Infrastructure
= Future projects for planetary exploraon, outer space travel, etc
shall also be open for the private sector.
= Private firms to be allowed in the field of Satellites, launches and
other space based services.
= Private sector will be allowed to use ISRO facilies and other
relevant assets to improve their capacies.
Space Sector
Coal – Need to reduce import
and increase Self Reliance
Ÿ A revenue sharing mechanism instead of a regime of fixed
Ÿ Coal Gasificaon / Liquefacon will be incenvised through rebate in
revenue share.
Ÿ Introducon of Commercial Mining in the Coal Sector.
Ÿ Entry norms will be liberalised. Nearly 50 Blocks will be offered
Ÿ Rs 50,000 Crore for Infrastructure development in the sector.
Ÿ Any party can bid for a coal block and sell in the open market.
Ÿ 500 mining blocks would be offered through an open and
transparent aucon process.
Ÿ Introducon of a seamless composite exploraon-cum-miningcum-producon regime.
Ÿ Joint Aucon of Bauxite and Coal mineral blocks to enhance
Aluminium Industry’s compeveness.
Ÿ The disncon between capve and non-capve mines to be
Ÿ Enhancing Private Investments in the Mineral Sector
Augmenng Health Care
Ÿ Prices of 3 ply surgical masks fixed to be not more than Rs.16/- per piece
Ÿ Rs 15,000 Crore Health Package announced by the Prime Minister
Ÿ Emergency financial package of Rs 15,000 crore for healthcare – strengthening
of personal protecon equipment for medical professionals, increasing isolaon
wards and ICU beds, and for training of medical and paramedical manpower.
Ÿ Increase in the Labs from over 300
Ÿ Manufacture of PPEs, Masks from 0 to 4 lakhs
Ÿ Face Masks (2 ply & 3 ply surgical masks, N95 masks) and Hand Sanizers
declared as Essenal Commodies for a period upto 30.06.2020.
Ÿ Creaon of over 800 COVID Hospitals
Ÿ Prices of the Alcohol used as raw material in manufacturing the Hand Sanizers
fixed, Not to exceed from those prevailing on 05.03.2020.
ŸThis includes Rs. 6,195.08 crore on
account of ‘revenue deficit grant’
under 15th Finance Commission
recommendaons to 14 States –
Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Himachal
Pradesh, Kerala, Manipur,
Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland,
Punjab, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura,
Uarakhand & West Bengal.
Ÿ Released a total of Rs. 17,287.08
crore to different States to enhance
their financial resources during the
COVID19 crisis.
ŸThe remaining Rs. 11,092 crore to
all States as advance payment of
Central share of 1st instalment of
Financing to
State Governments
Budgetary Support
and Refunds
Ÿ “Special Refund and Drawback Disposal Drive” – Rs 18,000 Crore Refund to be
processed on priority basis to help business enes, specially MSMEs.
Ÿ Direct Taxes – Issuing all the pending income-tax refunds of up to ₹5 lakh,
immediately benefing around 14 lakh taxpayers.
Ÿ Customs – Granted exempon from Basic Customs Duty and Health cess, on
the import of Venlators, Face masks, surgical Masks, Personal protecon
equipment (PPE) Covid-19 test kits Inputs for manufacture of the above items.
Ÿ Granted exempon from Basic Customs Duty and Health cess, on the import
of the following goods, with immediate effect upto the 30th September, 2020
Ÿ Venlators
Ÿ Personal protecon equipment (PPE)
Ÿ Face masks, surgical Masks
Ÿ Covid-19 test kits
Ÿ Inputs for manufacture of the above items
Exempon from Customs for
COVID-19 related imports
Further Facilitang MSMEs
and other companies
during Covid -19
Ÿ Allowed companies to hold Extraordinary General Meengs (EGMs) through
VC or OAVM complemented with e-Vong facility/simplified vong through
registered emails without requiring the shareholders to physically assemble at
a common venue.
Ÿ Allowed companies making ex-graa payment to temporary / casual / daily
wage workers as CSR Expenditure
Ÿ Due to the emerging financial distress caused by COVID 19, the Government
has raised the threshold of default under the IBC 2016 to Rs 1 crore. (from
the exisng threshold of Rs 1 lakh). This will by and large prevent triggering of
insolvency proceedings against MSMEs.
India allows the export of
hydroxychloroquine to the U.S.A and
Brazil both of which are fighng
thousands of cases of COVID-19.
India has also provided
Hydroxychloroquine, Paracetamol
and other items to over 100
countries including Israel,
Afghanistan, other SAARC and
African naons.
Ÿ Railways started “Shramik Special” trains from 1st May 2020 from “Labour
Day” to move migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other
persons stranded at different places due to lock down.
Ÿ Over 74 Lakh Free Meals and more than 1 Crore Water boles provided
to travelling migrants.
Ÿ More than 45 Lakh Passengers reach their home state.
Ÿ Over 3270 Trains run across the country to cater to the need of
those distressed.
Shramik Express
help rendered
Evacuaon of Migrants
= Special focus on the North East
Region, island territories and the
hilly states.
= Cargo transported ll date is
around 916.49 tons.
= Till 23rd May, 2020, 571 flights
have been operated under Lifeline
Udan by Air India, Alliance Air, IAF
and private carriers. 315 of these
flights have been operated by Air
India and Alliance Air.
= Lifeline Udan flights have been
operated since 26th March 2020
to transport essenal medical
cargo to remote parts of the
country to support India’s war
against COVID-19.
Udan Mission
= Nearly 2500 Indians including 48
foreigners were evacuated from
some severely affected areas from
February to April 2020.
= The evacuaon of more than
58,000 foreign naonals from
different cies of India to 72
countries has also been facilitated
by the Government of India.
= Government under the leadership
of the Prime Minister has
evacuated more than 40,000
Indians who are stranded abroad. = From 7 May 2020, India
operaonalized the Vande Bharat
Mission to repatriate Indian
cizens stranded in foreign
countries due to COVID-19
lockdowns across the globe.
= 193 flights, 3 Navy Ships
repatriated over 37,340 people ll
27th May 2020
Evacuaon of
Indians Stranded Abroad
Armed Forces Play a major role
in COVID Relief Operaons
= Providing relief materials to all
across the country, Armed Forces
have deployed their medical and
manpower resources.
= Hospitals of the Armed Forces and
medical facilies idenfied to treat
COVID-19 paents and quaranne
facilies created at some of its
= Play a major role in rescuing
stranded Indians from COVID-19
affected areas, such as China, Iran,
Italy, Malaysia, etc.
= Indian Naval Ship Kesari provided
food items, COVID related
Medicines including HCQ Tablets
and Special Ayurvedic Medicines
with Medical Assistance Teams to
Maldives, Maurius, Seychelles,
Madagascar and Comoros.
= Naonal effort to repatriate Indian
cizens from overseas. Indian
Naval Ships Jalashwa and Magar
successfully brought back a total of
1488 Indian naonals from
Operaon Samudra Setu
Producon of Hand-sanizers
to fight against Covid-19
= Under the leadership of Narendra Modi nearly 165 dislleries and 962
independent manufacturers were given licenses to produce hand-sanizers
across the country, which has resulted in producon of 87,20,262 litres of
hand-sanizers (as on 11.5.2020).
= India started the producon of
PPEs and N-95 Masks in the last
week of January 2020.
= India so far depended on import
of Personal Protecve Equipment
(PPE) and N-95 Masks.
= As on 12.05.2020, a total of 41.91
lakhs PPE kits and 75.94 lakhs
N-95 masks have been produced
domescally. The producon of
PPEs in the country is esmated
to be 3.20 lakhs per day.
= Under the leadership of the Prime
Minister, the Government
focussed on self-reliance.
Producon of PPE
Swadeshi Swab
Scks for COVID-19
Tesng: A Make in
India story
= As the global supply chains suffered and in order to scale up the tesng
capabilies in the country India geared up to produce high quality, low cost
tesng swabs that could be available to millions of our people.
= Under the direcon of Hon’ble Prime Minister India was bale ready to
manufacture a high quality Covid tesng swab.
= This was achieved under the ‘Make In India’ iniave, in a record seven days
from conceptualizaon to producon, including design, validaon and approval,
and all under severe lockdown condions.
= Producon of these swabs started on May 6, 2020.
= This resulted in the producon of millions of high-quality tesng swabs in
record me, and at a fracon of the cost of the imported ones.
Non operaon of
MPLADS for two years
As a part of the Government’s connued efforts to contain the spread of COVID
19, the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has decided not to operate
Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) for two years
(2020-21 and 2021-22). These funds will be used to strengthen the overnment’s
efforts in managing the challenges and adverse impact of COVID19 in the
Creaon of PM CARES Fund
= Rs. 3100 Crore already donated towards in the fight against COVID -19
– Rs. 100 Crore for vaccine development
= Deals with any kind of emergency or distress situaon like a public health
emergency or any other kind of emergency, calamity or distress, either manmade or natural
– Rs. 2000 Crore is for augmenng supply of venlators
– Rs. 1000 Crore is for Migrants
= A public charitable trust – ‘Prime Minister’s Cizen Assistance and Relief in
Emergency Situaons Fund’ (PM CARES Fund)’
Remuneraon of MPs reduced
by 30% for a year and DA for
Central Govt Employees
frozen ll July 2021
Awareness and
disseminaon of
measures to combat
Novel Coronavirus
=Doordarshan and All India Radio are broadcasng virtual classes
and other educaonal content through their regional channels
across the country on TV, Radio and YouTube.
=To counter spread of fake news, PIB Fact Check has been
launched. The account has gained major influence in social
media and helped in curbing the circulaon of fake news.
=DoT allocates addional dedicated frequencies for running
Community Radio – 89.6 and 90.0 MHz
=The re-telecast of the tele-serials ‘Ramayan’ and ‘Mahabharat”
helped Doordarshan to break viewership records. The DD
Naonal and DD Bhara has been enjoying massive viewership
ever since.
Over 9.25 crore farmer
families benefited and an
amount of Rs. 18,517 crore
disbursed so far during the
lockdown period.
PM Fasal Bima Yojana
Total claims amounng to Rs 6003.6 crores paid during lockdown period.
Kids not to lose track of studies
even during Lockdown
= Student Helpline Portal launched where students can get support for
accommodaon, food, online classes, aendance, examinaons, scholarships,
health, transport, sexual harassment etc.
= Alternave Academic Calendar prepared and released for Primary, Upper
Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary students to provide educaon at home
through alternave ways.
= NCERT conducng interacve classes on DTH channel since April, 2020 majorly
based on Alternave Academic Calendar for all the stages.
Promoon policy for the students
= To promote students from Class I To Class VIII to next class.
= Students of Class IX and Class XI to be promoted on the basis of internal
3 Task Forces constuted to deal with online educaon, Mental Health issues and
academic calendar / examinaons.
– NCERT launched 28 online courses for students (Classes XI & XII) and teachers on
SWAYAM portal. Over 90,000 students registered.
= Over 12 crore children are provided Mid Day Meal during summer holidays of
= A group of 32 channels devoted to telecast of high-quality educaonal programmes.
– 367 textbooks have been created under e-Pathshala.
– About 14,442 e-Contents are available as free resources on e-Pathshala.
= Tie up with private DTH Operators in order to enhance the reach of these channels.
Dawn of a New India
= Unprecedented opportunies for the youth of the region
= Has helped Kashmir forever to unite with India and join the mainstream of the naon
Arcle 370 abrogated
= A strike at the root cause of terrorism and poverty
= Integraon of Jammu and Kashmir with India – in leer and spirit – through the
abrogaon of Arcle 370
= hps://
= Opened the door to private investment in the region
= Has paved the way for Jammu and Kashmir’s development
= Reorganisaon of States Bill “a historic bill” passed, snapping Ladakh’s
desny from that of Kashmir, thereby fulfilling the demand of about 70 years.
Ladakh’s demand fulfilled
= Ladakh was created as a separate Union Territory with no legislature keeping
in mind the challenges of the region, especially during the span of severe
winter, which locks the region from the rest of the state.
= Central laws are now applicable in the Union territory of the
Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh
Extending benefits to the people of
Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh
Bodo Accord signed
= Another success of PM’s vision of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka
= Assam’s territorial integrity assured
= Special Development Package of around Rs. 1500 crores for the
development of Bodo areas
= Historic judgement puts an end to more than a century old dispute that
has torn the social fabric of the naon.
= Comprehensive Agreement to end the over 50 year old Bodo Crisis
Ayodhya Verdict
Bru Reang Refugee Crisis Resolved
Ending insurgency in Tripura
= Package of around Rs. 600 crores to be given to Tripura for the
rehabilitaon and all round development of Bru-Reang Refugees.
= Ending insurgencies and integrang former cadres into mainstream.
= Around 34,000 Internally Displaced People to be seled in Tripura.
= Memorandum of Selement signed by the Government of India,
Govt. of Tripura and Naonal Liberaon Front of Twipra (NLFT-SD).
= hps://
= hps://
Merger of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and
Daman & Diu
= Pilgrims need to carry only a valid passport.
Kartarpur Corridor
= The travel will be Visa Free.
= Indian pilgrims of all faiths and persons of Indian origin can use the
= Naonal Register of Cizens (NRC), Assam published.
= Will improve administrave efficiency, reduce administrave
expenditure, bring fruiul ulizaon of manpower and improve service
delivery as well as facilitate beer monitoring of schemes. It would also
ensure beer cadre management of officers.
= Respecng and promong the rich culture of Sikhism through the
opening up of Kartarpur Corridor.
= Linguisc, cultural and social identy of the people of North-East
would be preserved.
Focus North East, NRC
Cizenship Amendment Act 2019
= A landmark decision to protect the rights and dignity of persecuted
religious minories in India’s neighbourhood.
= Grants Indian Cizenship to persons belonging to Hindu, Sikh,
Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Chrisan communies on ground of religious
persecuon in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
Creaon of the post of CDS
= Declassificaon of all records relang to Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose and
Azad Hind Fauj has been completed. All records placed in the Naonal
Archives of India. The files on NetaJi have been uploaded on online portal
= Accordingly General Bipin Rawat assumed office of CDS on 1st January
= Enhances the punishment for exisng offences like illegal manufacture, sale,
transfer and illegal acquiring, possessing or carrying prohibited arms or
prohibited ammunion; illicit trafficking of firearms; celebratory gunfire
endangering human life
= A State of the Art Museum on Prime Ministers of India conceived and
iniated at a cost of Rs. 226 cr to highlight life, works and contribuons
made by all the Prime Ministers in naon building.
A Museum on Prime Ministers
= In a landmark decision with tremendous reform in higher defence
management in the country, the Government approved creaon of the post
of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) in the rank of a four-star General with salary
and perquisites equivalent to a Service Chief.
= Beer regulaon of firearms for a safer, more secure society
Arms Amendment Act
= As the CDS, he is the Principal Military Advisor to the Raksha Mantri on all
Tri-Services maers and heads the Department of Military Affairs (DMA).
= The appointment of CDS follows the announcement made by the Prime
Minister on August 15, 2019, in his address to the naon.
Complete Access to Netaji Files
Young India Vibrant India
= Withdrawal of Angel Tax provisions for Startups and their investors
= 266 startups have been granted exempon under secon 80IAC of Income Tax
Act ll February 2020
Startup India
= Startup India Vision 2025 incorporang the startup policy has been prepared
based on extensive stakeholder consultaons.
= A total of 31,624 startups are now recognized under the Startup India Iniave,
of which 13,647 startups are recognized since 1st May 2019.
= Naonal Startup Advisory Council (NSAC) has been constuted
Young India Vibrant India
= A comprehensive iniave to boost the educaon sector. The iniave will
enable Mul-mode access to educaon through digital/online/on-air plaorms.
= To benefit nearly 25 crore school going children across the country.
= A portal for providing psychosocial support to students, teachers and families
for mental health and emoonal wellbeing.
= Top 100 universies to start online courses.
= Online component in convenonal Universies and ODL programmes to be
raised to 40% from present 20%. Nearly 3.7 crore students across different
colleges and Universies will provide learning opportunies.
E-Learning in Higher Educaon
Boost to Kendriya and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas
= 31 new Kendriya Vidyalayas opened, 18 new KV buildings inaugurated and
foundaon stone of 7 new KV buildings laid, 8 buildings constructed.
= 9 new Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas were made funconal during the last one
= Educaon to Madrasas / Minories: About Rs 120 crore approved to provide
quality educaon in Madrasas and Rs. 71 cr released for Infrastructure
Development in Minority Instuons during 2019-20.
= Permanent campus of NIT, Uarakhand established in Sumari village of
Srinagar, Uarakhand.
= Free Textbooks: Rs. 3099.62 crore provided for free textbooks to 9.9 crore
children at elementary level (Classes I to VIII including Braille and Large print
books for children with visual impairment).
= Free Uniforms: Rs. 4716.81 crore provided to 8.02 crore children for free
uniforms including Girls, BPL, SC and ST boys at elementary level (Classes I to
Young India Vibrant India
= Unique iniave for mentoring of exceponally talented students ‘Pradhan
Mantri Innovave Learning Programme – DHRUV’ launched
Central Sanskrit Universies Act, 2020
= It converts (i) Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi, (ii) Shri Lal Bahadur
Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi, and (iii) Rashtriya Sanskrit
Vidyapeeth, Tirupa into Central Sanskrit Universies.
= ‘Shagun’: An Integrated Online juncon for School Educaon launched.
Websites of 1200 Kendriya Vidyalayas, 600 Navodaya Vidyalayas, 18000 other
CBSE affiliated schools, 30 SCERTs, 19000 organisaons affiliated with NCTE,
among others, are integrated with Shagun.
= Two new universies- the Central University and the Central Tribal University
to be set up in Andhra Pradesh.
Central Educaonal Instuons (Reservaon in Teachers’ Cadre) Act, 2019
= Nofied on 9.7.2019, to ensure preparaon of rosters by considering the
Central Educaonal Instuon as a ‘Unit’.
Central Universies Amendment ACT 2019
= The Central Sanskrit Universies Act, 2020 passed came into effect on March
25th 2020.
Digital Iniaves:
Young India Vibrant India
Dignity of Life
for our Workforce
= Further, if the subscriber dies, the spouse of the beneficiary shall be entled to
receive 50% of the pension as family pension.
PM Shram Yogi
Maandhan Yojana
= Voluntary and Contributory Pension scheme for unorganized workers from 18
to 40 years of age, with monthly income below Rs 15,000.
= Under the scheme, the subscriber will receive a minimum assured pension of
Rs 3,000 per month aer aaining the age of 60 years. Workers have to
contribute Rs 55 monthly (for age 18) and it varies according to age.
= Under the Vision of the Prime Minister the plethora of Central and State
Labour Laws are being streamlined into 4 Codes, In line with
recommendaons of the Second Naonal Commission on Labour. These four
Labour Codes are on (i) Wages; (ii) Industrial Relaons; (iii) Social Security &
Welfare; and (iv) Occupaonal Safety, Health and Working Condions by
amalgamang, simplifying, and raonalizing the relevant provisions of the
exisng Central Labour Laws.
Amendments in EPS & ESI
= Restored commuted value of pension to the Pensioners aer 15 years of
drawing commutaon which will benefit approx. 6.3 lakhs pensioners.
= The Labour Ministry nofied 8.65% interest rates on EPF for 2018-19 which
was 8.55% earlier. This will benefit around six crore EPF account holders.
Labour Laws
= Government reduced the rate of contribuon under ESI Act from 6.5% to 4%
for both employees and Employers. It will benefit 3.6 crore employees and
12.85 lakhs employers.
The Code on Wages 2019
= Passed by both the houses of Parliament.
= Code on Wages is a historic statute which will ensure statutory protecon for
minimum wages and mely payment of wages to the workers of organized as
well as unorganized sector.
= The new Act is historic as it removes discriminaon against women and ensure
equal wages as their male counterpart.
= Many unorganised sector workers like agricultural workers, painters, persons
working in restaurants & dhabas and chowkidars, who were outside the ambit
of minimum wages, will get legislave protecon of minimum wages.
Code on Occupaonal Safety,
Health and Working
Condions Bill 2019
= The Code seeks to regulate health and safety condions of workers in
establishments with 10 or more workers, and in all mines and docks.
Labour Reforms
= Contribuon of ESIC reduced from 6.5% to 4%
= Web-based and jurisdicon-free Inspecons
= Fixed term employment for flexibility in hiring
= Inspecon report to be uploaded within 48 hours
= Self cerficaon for start-ups on compliance with regard to 6 labour laws
Towards Greater
Self Reliance in
all matters
of Security
● The Prime Minister laid the foundaon stone for Uar Pradesh Defence
Industrial Corridor in Jhansi (U.P.) on 15th Feb 2019.
● Six nodal points in Uar Pradesh namely Aligarh, Agra, Chitrakoot, Jhansi,
Kanpur and Lucknow have been idenfied for this purpose.
● Similarly, for Tamil Nadu Defence Industrial Corridor, five nodal points namely
Chennai, Coimbatore, Hosur, Salem and Tiruchirappalli have been idenfied.
Defence Industry Corridors
● Investment proposals for nearly Rs 3,700 crores have been made for the UP
Defence corridor and proposals amounng to Rs 3,100 cores have been made
for the TN Defence corridor.
● The Government of India has idenfied Tamil Nadu and Uar Pradesh for
establishment of Defence Industrial Corridors.
● Both corridors have made good progress in the first year itself.
● Indian Air Force also received 17 Apache helicopters. Apache is a Tandem
Seang, day/night, all weather capable plaorm. It is highly agile, survivable
against bale damage and is easily maintainable even in field condions.
● India received Medium Mul-Role Combat Aircra Rafale in October 2019. A
few of them are expected to arrive in India later this year. It will enhance the
combat capability of IAF and improve its fighter squadron strength.
● Fieen Chinook helicopters were inducted into IAF at Chandigarh and
Mohanbari starng from March 2019. Op exploitaon of Chinook has
commenced and trial landing at 15900 feet in OP Meghdoot sectors was
carried out.
Inducon of Rafale,
Apache, Chinook
Joint Venture with
Kalashnikov, Russia and
Ordnance Factory Board for
producon, maintenance and
development of AK series of
● Joint modernisaon, including design and development of Rifles for new
applicaons, upgrades including replacement of third-party equipment and
manufacturing of other Kalashnikov series small arms. Joint markeng of Rifles
AK-203 manufactured in India for third countries market and ensuring
technical support for them.
● A Joint Venture between Ordnance Factory Board, Concerns Kalashnikov and
Rosonboron Exports (both Russia) was formed, for the producon of Rifle AK203 and its modificaons in India for at least 7,50,000 Rifles. It would also
maintain, operate and repair AK-203 Rifles and assure their technical support.
Atal Tunnel
● Navy’s first ship of 17 A Frigates ‘Nilgiri’ launched.
● Indigenously-built submarine INS Khanderi was commissioned.
Inducon of Navy’s First
New Stealth Frigate
Work on Strategically important Sela tunnel commenced on June 20.
Shortest Mansarovar
Yatra Route
The Mansarovar Yatra Route, the shortest route for Mansarovar Yatra from
Uarakhand, was dedicated to the Naon. Length of Gaabagarh – Lipulekh
Road is 79 Km. Yatra in 2020 will be carried out in vehicles ll Lipulekh.
Alternate Route to Ladakh:
Nimu-Padam-Darcha Road
Nimu-Padam-Darcha (N-P-D) road is being constructed to provide an alternate
route to Ladakh. Connecvity through Wangla will be achieved by Sep 2020.
Proposed tunnel at Shinkunla Pass for all weather connecvity.
● The largest dry dock of Indian Navy – the Aircra Carrier Dock at Naval
Dockyard Mumbai commissioned.
Erstwhile Rohtang Tunnel was renamed by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra
Modi on 25 Dec 19 as “Atal Tunnel”. This 8.8 Km long Tunnel is Scheduled for
compleon by Sep 2020. The road will reduce the length of road between
Manali and Leh by 46 Kms and provide all weather connecvity to Lahaul and
Spi Valleys.
Sela Tunnel
Planned compleon by March 2022.
Howdy Modi,
Namaste Trump
= Howdy Modi and Namaste Trump show the pinnacle of India – US
relaonship and a plaorm for the two leaders to show off their
enthusiascally friendly relaonship. Both the US president and Indian
PM made strong commitments to act together against terrorism.
India Shines
on the Globe
Wuhan Spirit,
Mamallapuram Connect
= The start of new era in India China relaons
= The year 2020 was designated as the year of India – China cultural and
people to people exchanges
= Reiterated the understanding that efforts would be made to ensure
peace and tranquility in the border areas and would work towards
addional confidence building measures
= Maldives: On his first foreign visit aer re-elecon, PM addressed their
Parliament and received the highest civilian award – the Order of Nishan
= Bhutan: PM inaugurated the Mangdechhu hydroelectric power plant and
held talks with PM Lotay Tshering
= UAE: PM strengthened bilateral relaons and received UAE’s highest civilian
award Order of Zayed
PM Modi’s Personal Connect
Seen in Mulple Bilaterals
= Sri Lanka: Showed solidarity with them by vising the Shrine of St. Anthony
which was aacked in the Easter bombings, the first global leader to do so
= Saudi Arabia: PM delivered a keynote address at the high-profile Future
Investment Iniave and also held wide ranging bilateral discussions
= Bahrain: Became the first Indian PM to visit Bahrain and signed 3 MoUs in
space, culture, Internaonal Solar Alliance and RuPay card
= Held separate bilateral summits with President Macron and Chancellor
Tough Negoator Leading
from the Front on RCEP
= With PM Modi at the helm, India plays on the front foot without caving in to
global pressure
= PM Modi asserted that we work in the spirit of give and take, but can’t
sacrifice our interests
= The earlier government opened our markets to countries but failed to get
their markets opened
= By turning down RCEP, PM Modi is undoing this damage, safeguarding
interests of the poor, farmers, dairy and MSME sectors
= This damaged our economy as trade deficit with RCEP naons shot up from
$7 Billion in 2004 to $78 Billion in 2014
India Shines at
Mullateral Summits
= At the SCO Summit in Kyrgyzstan, PM Modi le an impact when he
spoke out against terrorism and sought to build a global consensus
around it
= At the G20 Summit in Japan, PM highlighted the benefits of Ayushman
Bharat and secured India’s data interests by keeping out of Osaka Track
= At the 11th BRICS Summit in Brazil, PM Modi invited President
Bolsanaro as the chief guest for 2020 Republic Day and also held
bilateral meengs with other leaders
= At the Plenary Session of Eastern Economic Forum in Russia, PM Modi
pledged one billion dollars for the development of its Far-East region
making a strategic investment in the energy rich region. He also
accepted President Pun’s invitaon to aend the 75th anniversary of
Victory Day celebraons in Russia next year
Isolang Pakistan
Globally, Showing
Terror its Place
= The Internaonal Court of Jusce delivered an extremely
favorable verdict for India in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case
and forced Pakistan to give consular access
= Pakistan’s aempts to raise Kashmir issue failed aer it
could not even garner minimum support from naons at UN
Human Rights Commission
= India’s diplomac he was on full display during closed door
session of UNGA with majority of the Security Council
members siding with India
= Pakistan was taken one step closer to being blacklisted by
FATF with its Asia-Pacific sub-group pung Pakistan on
enhanced black list
= Four pilots of the Indian Air Force have been selected as astronauts for the
‘Gaganyaan’ mission and their forthcoming training in Russia.
Gaganyaan – a historic
achievement for India
in 21st Century
= The Gaganyaan launch will coincide with the 75th year of India’s
= Aer this manned mission, India will become the 4th country aer Russia,
US and China to send humans in space.
= Two test space missions have been planned before these Indian astronauts
are sent into space
= Tax rate of 15% extended to new electricity generaon companies.
Indian corporate tax rates now amongst the lowest in the world.
Reducon of Corporate Tax
$5 trillion Economy
= Permits foreign investment upto 100% under Automac
route by those NRIs, approved by M/s Air India Ltd.
FDI in Civil Aviaon

= Faster & easier approvals for mergers and acquisions
= Withdrawal of over 14,000 prosecuons under Companies Act
= Transforms PSB landscape with consolidaon of ten PSBs into four viz, Punjab
Naonal Bank, Canara Bank, Union Bank of India, Indian Bank
= Modificaons in provisions for Differenal Vong Rights
= Amalgamaons to enable creaon of digitally driven consolidated banks with
global he and business synergies
Merger of Public Sector Banks
Corporate Affairs
=• Robust IBC framework with amendments supporng MSMEs and home buyers
= Shiing of 16 offence secons to monetary penalty only
Disinvestment and
= 1 day to incorporate a company – Central Registraon Centre for name
reservaon & incorporaon
= Integrated Incorporaon Form
= Strategic disinvestment in select CPSEs – Bharat Petroleum Corporaon Limited,
Shipping Corporaon of India, CONCOR, Tehri Hydro Development Corporaon
India Limited, North Eastern Electric Power Corporaon Limited, Minerals &
Metals Trading Corporaon Limited, Naonal Mineral Development Corporaon,
MECON and Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited approved.
The Prime Minister telephonically interacted with a host of
internaonal leaders including US President Donald Trump,
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Various Heads of State
from the Gulf and West Asia and across the globe.
Interaction with
International Leaders
PM Gareeb Kalyan yojana
● Rs 1.70 Lakh Crore relief package under Pradhan Mantri Garib
Kalyan Yojana for the poor to help them fight the bale against
Corona Virus announced on 26th March 2020.
● 20 crore women Jan Dhan account holders to get Rs. 500 per
month for next three months.
● 80 crore poor people to get 5 kg wheat or rice and 1 kg of
preferred pulses for free every month for the next three months.
● Insurance cover of Rs 50 Lakh per health worker fighng COVID19 to be provided under Insurance Scheme.
● 8 crore poor families to be provided free of cost LPG Cylinders
for 3 months w.e.f 1st April 2020.
● Increase in MNREGA wage to Rs. 202 a day from Rs. 182 to
benefit 13.62 crore families.
= Facility extended across the board to all the borrowers by extending
repayment of term loan instalments.
= Reserve Bank of India announced a three-month moratorium on all term loans
outstanding as on March 1, 2020, as well as on working capital facilies.
= It has announced certain regulatory measures to migate the burden of debt
servicing brought about by disrupons on account of COVID-19 .
M• oratorium on NBFCs Loan
= All term loans (including agricultural term loans, retail, crop loans and loans
under Pool Purchases) and cash credit/overdra are eligible to avail the
benefits under the package.
= The original repayment period for term loans will be extended by 90 days e.g.
a loan repayable in 60 instalments maturing on 1st March 2025 will mature
on 1st June 2025.
Amendment in Companies
Act – Ease of doing honest
= It proposes over 72 changes in the act to remove criminality from a host
of offences under the Act and paves way for direct overseas lisng of
Indian companies
= This would also lead to further de-clogging of the criminal jusce system
in the country. The Bill would also further ease of living for law abiding
= Under the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the
Government introduced the Companies Act Amendment Bill 2020.
Boost to Manufacturing of
= Scheme for Promoon of manufacturing of Electronic Components and
Semiconductors (SPECS) :
= Government to provide a financial incenve of 25% of capital
expenditure for the manufacturing of goods that constute the supply
chain of an electronic product.
= It will remove the disability for domesc manufacturing of electronic
components and semiconductors.
= Financial assistance to the Modified Electronics Manufacturing Clusters
(EMC2.0) Scheme for development of world class infrastructure along with
common facilies and amenies through Electronics Manufacturing Clusters
(EMCs) approved.
= Producon Linked Incenve for Large Scale Electronics Manufacturing
scheme shall boost domesc manufacturing and aract large investments in
mobile phone manufacturing and specified electronic components including
Assembly, Tesng, Marking and Packaging (ATMP) units. The Scheme shall
extend an incenve of 4% to 6% on incremental sales (over base year) of
goods manufactured in India and covered under target segments,
CSR Violaon
Not to be treated as a criminal offence and
would instead be civil liability.
reduced to Civil Liability
Strengthened Insolvency and
Bankruptcy Code
MSME – Boost to Startups
= To migate genuine difficules of startups and their investors, it has been
decided that secon 56(2) (viib) of the Income-tax Act shall not be applicable
to a startup registered with DPIIT.
= The Amendment will remove certain ambiguies in the Insolvency and
Bankruptcy Code, 2016 and ensure smooth implementaon of the Code.
= A dedicated cell under Member, CBDT has been set up for addressing the
problems of startups. A startup having any income-tax issue can approach the
cell for quick resoluon of the same.
= Single air and water clearance and Single consent to establish a factory for
= Under the Amendments, the liability of a corporate debtor for an offence
commied prior to the commencement of the corporate insolvency resoluon
process shall cease, and the corporate debtor shall not be prosecuted for such
an offence from the date the resoluon plan has been approved by the
Adjudicang Authority
= All Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs) to compulsorily procure at
least 25% of their total purchases from MSMEs. CPSUs have procured goods
and services worth Rs. 15,936.39 crore from 59,903 MSMEs.
= All companies with a turnover of more than Rs.500 crore to be mandatorily on
TReDS plaorm to enable entrepreneurs to access credit from banks. So far
329 companies have registered themselves on the TReDS portal.
= In-principle approval for loans up to Rs.1 crore within 59 minutes through online portal. 1,59,422 number of loans have been sanconed involving
Rs.49,330 crore. Of this, Rs.37,106 Crore have been disbursed upto October
= Interest subvenon of 2% for all GST registered MSMEs on incremental credit
upto Rs.1 crore. SIDBI has received and seled claims of Rs.18 crore from 43
banks/NBFCs for the period from November 2018 to March 2019.
= 20 Technology Centres (TCs) and 100 Extension Centres (ECs) to be
established at the cost of Rs.6,000 crore. Rs.99.30 crore have been released
for seng up of these TCs and ECs.
= Out of the 25% procurement mandated from MSMEs 3% is reserved for
women entrepreneurs. During 2019-20, procurement has been done from
1,471 women owned MSMEs to the tune of Rs.242.12 crore.
= Establishments to be visited by an Inspector will be decided through a
computerized random allotment. 3,080 inspecons have been conducted and
all inspecon reports have been uploaded on the Shram Suvidha portal.
= The Government bears 70 per cent of the cost for establishing a pharma
cluster. Four districts of Solan, Indore, Aurangabad and Pune have been
selected for pharma clusters and development of common facilies.
= Returns under eight labour laws and 10 Union Regulaons to be filed once a
Trader’s Pension Scheme
= Minimum assured pension of Rs. 3000/- to small traders (shopkeepers/retail
traders and self-employed persons) who aain the age of 60 years.
= Traders in the age group of 18-40 years with an annual turnover, not exceeding
Rs.1.5 crore, eligible under this scheme,
= Expected to benefit around 3 crore small traders and self employed persons.
New Income Tax Regime
= On or aer 1st October, 2019 all noces, summons, orders etc. by the incometax authories shall be issued through a centralized computer system and will
contain a computer generated unique Document Idenficaon Number.
= In order to address complaints of harassment on account of issue of noces,
summons, orders etc. by certain income-tax authories.
= From 1st October, 2019 all noces to be disposed off within three months
from the date of reply.
= Any communicaon issued without a computer-generated unique Document
Idenficaon Number shall be non est in law.
Moving up on the
Innovaon Index
= India jumps 5 places to 52nd rank in global innovaon index 2019.
Banning of
Unregulated Deposits
= The Banning of Unregulated Deposits
Schemes Act 2019 passed by both the
houses of the Parliament. The new Act will
help tackle the menace of illicit deposit
taking acvies in the country, which at
present are exploing regulatory gaps and
lack of strict administrave measures to
dupe poor and gullible people of their
hard-earned savings.
Comprehensive Protecon
to Consumers
= Keeping in view the need for a comprehensive protecon to the
Consumers as a class, Modi 2.0 Government brought into force The
Consumer Protecon Act 2019.
= Establishes the Central Consumer Protecon Authority
= Simplifies the adjudicaon process in Consumer Commissions
= Installaon of QR Code at cketed monuments of ASI to facilitate purchase of
entry ckets by tourists
India becomes a greater
tourist aracon
Promong Night Tourism
= Mobile App developed for guiding tourists within monuments
= India’s rank in Travel & Tourism Compeveness Index (TTCI) of World
Economic Forum has moved from 65th rank in 2013 to 34th rank in 2019.
= Naonal Cultural Audio Visual Archives (NCAA) have been cerfied as World’s
First Trustworthy Digital Repository. NCAA has valuable 31500 hours of
unpublished non-commercial audio and visual recordings/archives.
= Launch of India Culture Web Portal to showcase rich, tangible & intangible
cultural heritage of India.
= Decision taken to open several monuments with large tourist fooall ll 9pm
for visitors
Internaonal Recognion
= Night illuminaon of historical monuments of ASI taken up including Qutub
Minar and Safdarjung Tomb.
= Permission for cultural events, film shoong etc. in heritage monuments of ASI
made online.
= Jaipur City became India’s 38th world UNESCO World Heritage Site
= 150th Birth Anniversary of Father of the Naon Mahatma Gandhi being
celebrated naonally as well as internaonally to propagate his thoughts
and philosophy
= 550 Years of Guru Nanak Dev ji being celebrated throughout the country
and abroad
= 100 years of Jallianwala Bagh massacre during India’s freedom struggle
being observed with redevelopment of Jallianwallah Bagh and restoraon
of Jallianwala Bagh Memorial at Amritsar, Punjab
= Digital exhibion on Mahatma Gandhi set up at Gandhi Smri, New Delhi
and replicated at 16 other locaons including Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat,
New Delhi.
= Gandhipedia is being developed in associaon with IIT Kharagpur and IIT
= Padyatra, rallies, nukkad nataks, prabhat pheris, sarva dharma sabha,
Gandhi Katha, Gram Swaraj Padyatra, Painng exhibion on Gandhi tled
“ Bapu through the Eyes of Arst” and Gandhi Global Play “ Bharat Bhagya
Vidhata” were organized in various parts of the country.
of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
= A dance drama i.e. ‘Shan Sutra” was staged at Pretoria, Durban,
Johannesburg, South Africa as part of Fesval of India.
150th Birth Anniversary
of Mahatma Gandhi
– Total Final ESZ nofied up to 31/3/2020 : 400 out of 662.
=Western Ghats: Scienfic analysis done through landslide and
flood-prone maps in respecve states
= Empowering states to develop forest &
wildlife resources through CAMPA:
= Naonal Clean Air Programme
Rs 6000 Crore under Compensatory Afforestaon Management &
Planning Authority (CAMPA) Fund to be used for employment
generaon in Urban, Semi-Urban & Tribal Areas. Rs. 47,870 Crores
lying with Ad-hoc CAMPA at the Central Government level transferred
to States/UTs for conservaon and development of forest and wildlife
resources, and creang employment in rural and urban areas.
Effecve air polluon reducon plan formulated on the basis of
scienfic studies for 102 non-aainment cies. Funds allocated to
respecve cies; Naonal Knowledge Network formed under NCAP
with SPCBs and leading academic instuons in the States. City
specific clean air acon plans with special focus on large cies with
high polluon levels have been devised.
= Eco Sensive Zones (ESZ) around Protected Areas
– ESZ finalized in 2019-20: 88 (as against 27 in FY 2018-19)
The Golden Jubilee edion of IFFI was organized in Goa
with much fanfare. ICFT-UNESCO Fellini medal
announced for Internaonal Film Fesval of India (IFFI) on
compleon of its glorious 50 years. One of its kind hitech digital, interacve and mulmedia exhibion put up
by the Bureau of Outreach and Communicaon and
Naonal Film Archives of India (NFAI) at IFFI Goa.
Taking Care of
Farmer’s Welfare
Jump in budgetary support
for Agriculture sector
= Allocaon for 2020-21 further enhanced to Rs. 134399.77 crore.
= In 2019-2020, Budgetary allocaon was Rs. 130485.21 crore, which is a
record jump from an outlay of Rs. 46700 crore in 2018-19.
= Quantum jump in the budgetary support for agriculture:
Substanal Increase in
Agriculture Producon
= Increase in Producon of Foodgrains:
India achieved a total producon of 285.20 million tonnes in 2018-19 and
as per the 2nd advance esmates of 2019-20, the producon of foodgrains
is esmated to 291.95 million tonnes which shows an increase of 2.36%.
Pradhan Mantri Kisan
Samman Nidhi
(PM-KISAN) Scheme
=An income support of Rs. 6000/- per year, transferred directly into the
bank account of the beneficiary farmer’s families, in three installments
of Rs. 2000.
=14.5 crore farmers to benefit
=The Modi Government launched a path-breaking income support
incenve for farmers in February 2019 – PM KISAN with an objecve to
augment farmers income across the country.
=Meets their emergent needs and expenses
especially before the harvest season.
=Thus protects them from moneylenders
ensure their connuance in the farming
=Assures supplemental income to the most
vulnerable farmer families
Pradhan Mantri Kisan
Maandhan Yojana (PMKMY)
=With the launch of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana (PM-KMY)
in September 2019, the Modi Government expanded the social security
net to small and marginal farmers.
=20,17,788 farmers have been registered/enrolled under the Scheme, as
on 01.05.2020
=It ensures Minimum fixed pension of Rs.3,000/- to be provided to the
eligible landholding small and marginal farmers, on aaining the age of
60 years.
Interest Subvenon
Scheme (ISS)
=A sum of Rs.16,218.75 crore released to RBI/NABARD during FY
2019-20, for seling the claims under Interest Subvenon Scheme.
=Instuonal credit for agriculture raised to Rs. 15 lakh crore for
2020-21 from Rs.13.50 lakh crore in 2019-20.
=Special drive launched in February, 2020 to cover
all PM-KISAN beneficiaries with Kisan Credit
Card (KCC).
=22 lakh KCC sanconed out of around 75 lakh
new applicaons received so far.
=6.75 crore acve KCCs at present.
Kisan Credit Card
Scheme (KCC)
Minimum Support
Price (MSP)
=Since the Budget announcement in 2018-19 the MSPs of most mandated
crops showed a significant rise in 2018-19 compared to 2017-18.
=Compared to 2018-19, MSP for soybean had the highest rise of 9.1% in
2019-20 followed by Ragi (8.7%) and Masur (7.3%).
=Different variees of apples, amounng to Rs. 69.38
crore procured in Jammu and Kashmir under MIS
during the procurement period upto 31.03.2020.
Procurement of
apple in J&K
=In 2019-20, under the pilot project
‘Development of Model Villages’ one village per
block was adopted for land holding based soil
sampling, tesng and organizaon of larger
number of demonstraons up to a maximum
number of 50 demonstraons (1 ha each) for
each adopted village.
Soil Health Card
=In all 6954 idenfied villages by the States/UTs,
against the target of 23 lakh samples, 15.69
lakh samples analyzed and 14.66 lakh cards
distributed to farmers.
=28971 ha area covered during 2018-19 to 2019-20 in Phase-II.
=Various Brands developed under the Scheme: Organic Arunachal, Organic
Manipur, Mission Organic Mizoram, Naga Organic, Sikkim Organic,
Mission Organic Value
Chain Development for
North Eastern Region
=Rs 103.80 crore released in year 2019-20.
=9.52 lakh farmers benefited during 2018-19 to 2019-20 in Phase-II.
Paramparagat Krishi Vikas
Yojana (PKVY)
=Various Brands developed under it: Madhya Pradesh-Made in Mandla;
Uarakhand-Organic Uarakhand; Tamil Nadu-Tamil Nadu Organic
Product (TOP); Maharashtra-Sahi organic, Nasik Organic & Gadchiroli
Organic Farming; Jharkhand-Jaivik Jharkhand, from the land of Jharkhand;
Chhasgarh- Aadim brand of BhoomiGadi FPO, Bastar Naturals; PunjabFive Rivers; Tripura-Tripureswari Fresh.
Naonal Agriculture
Market (e-NAM)
Connecng Farmers to Market
=Total 962 Mandis on board on e-NAM.
=During May 2019 to April, 2020, a total of 98.21 Lakh MT of various
Agricultural commodies & in addion to commodies like coconut and
bamboo, which are traded in numbers (3.16 lakh in numbers) worth Rs
32,551.74 Crore have been recorded on e-NAM portal.
=Provide adequate hand holding to each FPO for five years from the
formaon, support will connue ll 2027-28.
Farmer Produce
Organizaons (FPOs)
=In Feb 2020, Prime Minister launched the scheme “Formaon and
Promoon of Farmer Producer Organizaons (FPOs)” to form and promote
10,000 new FPOs, in five years period (2019-20 to 2023-24).
Connecng farmers
to Market
=419 Storage Infrastructure Projects with a capacity of 873818 MT
sanconed in 2019-20.
=34 Agricultural Markeng Infrastructure Projects (other than storage)
were also sanconed under the scheme.
Agricultural Markeng
Infrastructure (AMI)
Uberizaon of Logisc
=More than 11.37 Lakhs trucks & 2.31 Lakh transporters linked to the eNAM portal to help traders to find transporters available in their vicinity
for faster movement of produce from one mandi to various other
=launched in April 2020, to enable FPOs to upload produce
from collecon centers with pictures etc and also avail
bidding facility without going to mandis.
FPO trading module
=135 FPO transacons have been done through the FPO
collecon centre in 8 states so far.
=1005 FPOs from 16 States have been registered on e-NAM
since incepon of the scheme.
FPOs on e NAM
=257 FPOs on-boarded on e-NAM plaorm during May
2019 to May 2020.
Markeng Reforms
=Advisory issued to State Governments/ UT Administraons to facilitate
Direct Markeng, enabling direct purchase from the farmers/ FPOs/
Cooperaves etc.
=So far, 22 States have allowed direct markeng of agriculture produce.
=Now traders can buy farmers’ produce from the farm gate directly and
farmers need not to come mandi to sell their produce.
=8.40 lakh ha area covered under Micro Irrigaon during the last year.
Pradhan Mantri Krishi
Sinchayee Yojana
Per Drop More Crop (PMKSY- PDMC)
=focuses on water use efficiency at farm level through precision/Micro
Irrigaon technologies.
=Micro Irrigaon Fund with an corpus of Rs. 5000 crore created with
NABARD to facilitate the States in mobilizing the resources for expanding
coverage of Micro Irrigaon.
Mission for Integrated
Development of
Horculture (MIDH)
=Addional area of 1.21 lakh ha. covered under Naonal Horculture
Mission (NHM) and Horculture Mission for North East & Himalayan
States (HMNEH)
e-Gram Swaraj
=Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the e-GramSwaraj Portal
and Mobile App on the Naonal Panchaya Raj Day, 24th April 2020
=The Unified Portal is a new iniave of the Government which will
provide the Gram Panchayats with a single interface to prepare and
implement their Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).
Safety of the
=Measures to be taken to provide cashless treatment for accident vicms.
Motor Vehicle (Amendment)
Act, 2019
=Key reform in the area of road safety, cizen facilitaon, transparency, and
reduce corrupon with the help of informaon technology and removing
=Strengthens public transport, safeguards and protects Good Samaritan and
reforms the insurance and compensaon regime.
=facilitates Divyang people by allowing motor vehicles to be converted to
adapted vehicles with post-facto approval and facilitang licence to drive
adapted vehicles.
Welfare of the
Small Traders
=Minimum assured pension of Rs. 3000/- to
small traders (shopkeepers/retail traders
and self-employed persons) who aain the
age of 60 years.
Pradhan Mantri Laghu Vyapar Maan
Dhan Yojna
=Expected to benefit around 3 crore small
traders and self employed persons.
Skill India Mission
=More than one crore youth skilled in the last one
year under the Skill India Mission to meet demand
of Skilled Workforce.
Pradhan Mantri Kaushal
Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)
=52 lakh candidates trained in 37 sectors in the last one year
under PMKVY.
Pradhan Mantri Kaushal
Kendras (PMKK)
=136 PMKKs were opened in 133 districts in the last one year.
Boosting the
Engine of Growth
– Railways
Enhanced Safety
=Best ever Safety performance with Zero passenger fatalies last year.
=1274 number of Manned Level Crossings eliminated in 2019-20, double of that
done in previous year. This is the highest ever eliminaon of level crossings.
=Highest ever renewal of rails for 5,181 Track km (TKM) in 2019-20 against 4,265
TKM in 2018-19 (+20% of last year)
=Highest ever supply of rails (13.8 lakh ton) during the year from SAIL.
=Improved Punctuality of Trains.
=84 staons with mechanical signaling replaced with electrical/electronic signaling
during 2019-20.
Increased Rolling Stock
=785 Electric Locomoves produced in FY 2019-20, an increase of 30% as
compared to 605 in FY 2018-19.
=6,277 LHB coaches produced in FY 2019-20, an increase of 42%, as compared to
4,429 in FY 2018-19.
=New line, Doubling and Gauge conversion commissioning
increased to 2,226 km in 2019-20.
=Capital Expenditure of Rs. 1,61,351 Crore in 2019-20 RE.
This is an increase of 20.1% over 2018-19
Thrust on Railway
=In the financial year 2019-20, Rewari – Madar (306 Km) secon
of Western DFC and Khurja – Bhadan (194 km) secon of
Eastern DFC was completed and goods trains operaon started.
Dedicated Freight
Corridors fast tracked
=Fast track work on both Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight
In FY year 2019-20, Railway
Electrificaon works have been
completed on a total of 5,782 km.
=2 Tejas Trains with modern passenger amenies introduced between DelhiLucknow and Mumbai – Ahmedabad in FY 2019-20.
=2nd Vande Bharat Express with modern passenger amenies inducted in
regular service between New Delhi to Katra.
=134 new trains introduced, services of 118 trains extended and frequency of
22 train services increased.
Improvement in
passenger services
=289 trains upgraded to Utkrisht standard in 2019-20. Total 385 upgraded ll
=49,487 Bio-toilets installed in 14,916 coaches during
2019-20. This takes the cumulave numbers of biotoilets to 2,45,400 fied in 68,800 coaches with a
coverage of about 99.3%.
=No single use plasc material from 150th Gandhi
Jayan on 2nd Oct 2019.
Swachh Bharat,
Swachh Railways
=A harmonized guideline for persons with disabilies issued in 2019-20.
=268 number of Foot Over Bridge(FOB) provided in FY 2019-20.
=In 2019-20, 80 Escalators & 83 Lis have been provided as a part of
‘Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan’. So far, 742 Escalators & 571 lis have been
=5628 Staons provided with Wi-Fi (4058 staons done in FY 2019-20).
Amenies for
Passengers at Staons
=609 Railway staons were provided with improved illuminaon levels
during 2019-20.
Pung Freight in Fast Lane
=11386 number of new Wagons inducted in during 2019-20 as compared
to 9535 wagons inducted during 2018-19.
=A total of 1268 Freight Customers are now availing e-payment facility
from November 2019.
=Staons provided with CCTV
based Surveillance System at 585
staons out of which CCTV at 132
staons provided in 2019-20.
=Launch of the first Railway
Commando Baalion ‘CORAS’ to
tackle the menace of terrorism
and naxalism in Railways.
=Web-based live streaming facility through CCTV of Kitchen units of IRCTC
extended to 43 kitchens units from 18 kitchen units (May, 2019).
Quality Food
=First-ever thrice-weekly flight from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) to
Kishangarh (Ajmer, Rajasthan).
=First ever helicopter services from Dehradun’s Sahastradhara helipad to
Gauchar, and Chinyalisaur under the Regional Connecvity Scheme – Ude
Desh Ka Aam Nagrik (RCS-UDAN).
=First direct flight from Bidar airport to Bengaluru in Karnataka.
Food Processing
=A total of 82 food processing and food tesng laboratory projects were
Creaon of
Infrastructure Facilies
=The 82 completed projects leveraged private investment of Rs. 1,570
crore and generated direct and indirect employment for 40,600 persons.
=Till 20th May, 2020 a total number of 585 issues were received, out of
which 577 were resolved/closed.
=A COVID grievance cell was set up by MOFPI with Invest India to support
the Industry during lockdown.
COVID-19 Grievances
Internaonal Solar Alliance
=The primary objecve of the alliance is to work for efficient exploitaon of
solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
=This iniave was first proposed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
Affordable and
Quality Healthcare
for all
Ayushman Bharat
Under the leadership & support of
PM Narendra Modi, the number of
Ayushman Bharat beneficiaries has crossed 1 crore.
=In less than two years, this iniave has had a posive impact
on so many lives, (1Crore Ayushman). Poor paents who
could not afford expensive procedures and had been
postponing surgeries for many years have now started coming
forward for treatment. The scheme has come as a bright ray
of hope for such paents.
=More than 20,700 Health and Wellness Centres have become
operaonal and are providing services across the country.
=Over 2,000 COVID Paents have been treated and over
3,000 have been tested for Covid 19 under the scheme.
=Over 21,000 hospitals empanelled, treatment worth Rs.
13,412 Crore providedciary
=A dedicated campaign called “Defeat Diarrhoea” has been iniated to
eliminate deaths due to Diarrhoea by 2022 through promoon of ORS
and Zinc use for children with Diarrhoea.
Immunisaon/ Reducing
Under 5 mortality
=Rotavirus vaccine has been rolled out pan India. The rollout of Rotavirus
vaccine will prevent 8,72,000 hospitalisaons, 32,70,000 out-paent
visits and 78,000 deaths annually in India.
=Free of cost treatment services for Hepas C have been started in 12
States benefing nearly 1 lakh paents in 2019-20. A Naonal helpline
has also been started to enable access to informaon about Viral
Hepas and services available under the Naonal Viral Hepas
Control Programme.
Naonal Viral Hepas
Control Programme
=655 District TB Forums have been set up to engage the community and
strengthen our intervenons for TB management.
Vector Borne Diseases
=A completely oral treatment for drug resistant TB paents has been
started. With this more than 99% of 21.5 lakh TB paents will now have
all oral TB treatment available, saving them from the painful procedure
of using injecons.
Medical Educaon
=New MBBS curriculum with emphasis on ethics and improving so
skills of doctors has been introduced from the current academic year.
=MBBS classes started in 6 more AIIMS: Bathinda (Punjab), Raebareli
(Uar Pradesh), Gorakhpur (Uar Pradesh), Bibinagar (Telangana),
Deogarh (Jharkhand) and Kalyani (West Bengal). With this, the MBBS
classes are now funconal in a total of 15 AIIMS. Over Rs. 30,000 crore
are being spent on seng up new AIIMS in the country.
=10% quota for Economically Weaker Secons has been introduced in
most Govt. Medical Colleges for MBBS seats this year. Over 5000
addional MBBS seats have been sanconed for implemenng EWS
=75 new Govt. Medical colleges approved by the Union Cabinet with
preference to Aspiraonal Districts.
A transformaonal and game changing reform in the medical
educaon sector will reduce the burden on students, ensure probity in
medical educaon, bring down costs of medical educaon, simplify
procedures, help to enhance the number of medical seats in India,
ensure quality educaon, and provide wider access to people for
quality healthcare.
The Naonal Medical
Commission Act
In view of recent incidents of violence against doctors the bill provides for
stringent penales for acts of violence against health care service providers
and damage to property of clinical establishments.
Healthcare Service
Personnel and Clinical
(Prohibion of Violence and Damage to Property) Bill, 2019
Jan Aushadhi Suvidha
Sanitary Napkins
=This is a step in ensuring ‘Swachhta, Swasthya and Suvidha’ for the
underprivileged women of the country.
=Launch of Jan Aushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkin @ Rs. 1/- per pad, to
accomplish PM Narendra Modi’s vision of “Affordable and Quality
Healthcare” for all.
=Jan Aushadhi Suvidha Napkins are available for sale in more than 6000
Pradhan Mantri Bharya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP) kendras across
the country. Till 11th May, 2020, more than 3.44 Crore pads have been
sold through these kendras.
=Fulfilling the Prime Minister’s dream of “Clean India & Green India” as
these pads are oxo-biodegradable and environment friendly.
Empowering weaker
secons of society
Protecng Women’s
reproducve rights
=The Union Cabinet, chaired by PM Narendra Modi amended the Medical
Terminaon of Pregnancy Act, 1971, allowing aboron up to 24 weeks.
=The Union Cabinet, chaired by the PM approved historic Bills for the
welfare of Women in the Country – the Assisted Reproducve Technology
Regulaon Bill 2020 and the Surrogacy Regulaon Bill 2020. These
legislave measures are path breaking steps to protect women’s
reproducve rights.
=The Medical Terminaon of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2020 expands
access of women to safe and legal aboron services on therapeuc,
eugenic, humanitarian or social grounds.
=Giving the needed impetus to the reproducve rights of women and save
them much physical and mental trauma.
Pradhan Mantri
Matru Vandana
Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana provides
cash incenves to Pregnant Women and Lactang
Mothers to improve the health outcome of the
mother and the newborn.
POSHAN Abhiyaan
=The Prime Minister’s overarching Scheme for Holisc Nutrion or
POSHAN Abhiyaan or Naonal Nutrion Mission, to improve nutrional
outcomes for children, pregnant women and lactang mothers.
=Home Based Young Child Care programme where ASHA will make
addional 5 home visits to the homes of children upto 15 months of age,
to specially counsel on nutrion and Early Childhood Development
under POSHAN Abhiyan. Rs 217 crore has been sanconed to States
and UTs for this iniave.
=For the Anaemia Mukt Bharat programme, Rs 425 crore has been
allocated by Government of India to all States and UTs for implemenng
the tests, treatment and counselling of anaemia paents. This will help in
achieving the 3% reducon in anaemia under the POSHAN Abhiyan.
Conducted on the 9th of every month, 9.64 lakh AnteNatal Check-ups
have been conducted for pregnant women in this quarter. To ensure
respecul and dignified motherhood, 317 labour rooms and operaon
theatres have been cerfied for assured quality service provision under
LaQSHYA (Labour Room Quality Improvement Iniave).
Pradhan Mantri Surakshit
Matritav Abhiyan
Maternity Benefit
Amendment Act
Government’s new maternity policy increases the
duraon of paid maternity leave available for
women employees to 26 weeks leave.
=The Muslim Women (Protecon of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019
criminalises triple talaq, giving muslim women the empowerment and the
dignity they deserve in our society.
=PM Narendra Modi said, a historic wrong done to Muslim women has
been corrected and an “archaic and medieval pracce” confined to the
dustbin of history.
Muslim Women (Protecon
of Rights on Marriage) Act,
Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana to
help parents save for the girl
child, ensuring educaon
and financial freedom for
the girl child.
Pradhan Mantri
Ujjawala Yojana
=The use of LPG has its benefits on the
health of women and children, environment
and economic producvity of women.
=80,339,993 LPG connecons (21/5/2020)
given under Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala
Yojana, providing clean cooking fuel to poor
Protecon of Children
from Sexual Offences
=Includes death penalty for aggravated sexual assault on children and stringent
punishments for other crimes against minors.
=Union Cabinet, chaired by the PM Narendra Modi strengthensed the POCSO
Act to combat rising cases of child sex abuse
= It is a historic step for the upli of the poor and a reflecon of the
Government’s commitment to Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.
= Parliament passed the Constuon (One Hundred and Third Amendment)
2019 bill to provide 10% reservaon to the Economically Weaker Secons of
the general category.
Historic reservaon to
Economically Weaker Secon
=‘COVID Helpline’ started for daily psychological counseling on the issues of
mental stress and anxiety faced by transgender persons due to social isolaon
or other reasons during COVID-19 lockdown.
=Disbursal of Rs. 1500/- per Transgender Person during Covid 19, who have
sought help from the Government. About 73 Lakhs released to around 4922
Transgender persons throughout the country through DBT.
The Transgender Persons
(Protecon of Rights) Act
=Migang the sgma, discriminaon and abuse against this marginalized
secon and bringing them into the mainstream of society.
=The Transgender Persons (Protecon of Rights) Act, 2019, for social, economic
and educaonal empowerment of transgenders.
= Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana for an integrated
development of SC majority villages. Rs. 713 cr. been
released to states during 2019-20 for providing water,
sanitaon, health, educaon and other facilies.
= Union Budget 2020 has allocated a total of Rs
1,38,700 crore for the welfare of the Scheduled Castes
(SCs), the Other backward Castes (OBCs) and the
Scheduled Tribes (Sts).
= Revision of Naonal Overseas Scholarship Scheme for
SC students in 2020-21 for expansion of the scheme.
= More than 88 lakh SC beneficiaries of various
scholarship schemes during 2019-20, with allocaon of
more than Rs 3300 cr.
for reservaon of teaching posions in central educaonal instuons for
persons belonging to: (i) Scheduled Castes, (ii) Scheduled Tribes, (iii) socially
and educaonally backward classes, and (iv) economically weaker secons
in Central Educaonal Instuons.
The Central Educaonal
(Reservaon in Teachers’ Cadre) Act, 2019
Ministry of
Jal Shak
PM Narendra Modi, announced Jal
Jeevan Mission to provide tap water
to every household by 2024. This
means 4.5 mes more houses have
to be linked to piped water in the
coming five years than has been
done in the past 72 years.
PM integrated different ministries
and departments dealing with water
into one ministry — the Ministry of
Jal Shak to fulfil the mammoth task
of providing funconal piped water
to all India households by 2024.
=Pre-matric, post-matric and merit-cum-means scholarships for educaonal
empowerment of students belonging to economically weaker secons of the
minority community. More than 35 lakh students have availed scholarships
for the year 2019-20.
=About Rs 120 crore approved to provide quality educaon in Madrasas and
Rs. 71 crore released for Infrastructure Development in Minority Instuons
during 2019-20.


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