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Objectives of the program or agenda

Objectives of the program or agenda


(Objects of Agenda)

The program or agenda of business is prepared for the following purposes: (1) To provide information to the members about the topics to be discussed in the meeting before convening the meeting.

(2) All matters may be put up for discussion in order during the meeting. (3) After the meeting, the Secretary can be helped in preparing the subtle.

Things to keep in mind while preparing a schedule or to-do list

While preparing the program or list of business, the secretary should keep the following things in mind (1) Brief and clear The program should be short and clear, as well as the members can get complete information from the program about what topics are discussed in the meeting. is to be discussed.

(2) Sequence of subjects The order of subjects in the program should be carefully determined. Often important and such topics which are of common practice and in which there is no expectation of controversy.

Yes, should be placed first. Less important and controversial matters should be placed after that as a lot of time is spent on conducting controversial discussions. Due to the time taken, some members often leave the meeting, as a result of which the main subjects of the company cannot be discussed.

(3) Program for the Speaker – The program given to the President and the Secretary is different from the program of the members, that is, the program given to the Secretary and the President is more elaborate. Because in it not only the words of the proposals but also the names of their presenters and supporters are given and space is also left for taking notes.

(4) Presentation of business – In the meeting of the shareholders, the program is placed in front of the Speaker in the form of a book bound book and in the meeting of directors, the agenda is kept in the form of an open letter. (5) Method of preparing the program There are two ways of preparing the program – in brief and in detail When the program is prepared briefly, only the title of the subject is written.

Is. Such as micro reading, appointment of auditor, selection of directors, declaration of dividend

e.t.c. When the program is written in detail it is of the following type

(1) To read, verify and confirm the correctness of the previous meeting and get it signed by the Speaker.

(2) To propose that Mr. Nemichand Agrawal be appointed as the auditor of the company for the year 2018-19 and he will be given an annual remuneration of ₹ 50,000. (3) Since the company is incurring loss for two consecutive years, no dividend should be declared.

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