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micro writing

(Writing the Minutes) The following points should be kept in mind by the secretary while writing the subtle: (1) The title of the meeting should be appropriate. In this title nature, day, time and

Location should be clearly written. (2) Serial Number – The new subtle should also have the serial number of the assembly and the serial number of the subtle.

Need. (3) Names of persons – The names of the members present should also be written in the micro. (4) Details and its date – If the forms, records and changes are mentioned in the subtle then

Its date and serial number etc. should also be given.

(5) Details of the debate A brief description of the debate of the subtle should also be given and it should contain the names of the proposer and seconder.

(6) Approval from the Chairman- A draft of the micro should be made and passed by the Chairman.

Only then should it be written in the book.

(7) Confirmation of the subtle – The Chairman, with the consent of the members, writes the words approved or confirmed on the subtle with his signature with the date.

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