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Method of Voting

The methods of voting or knowing the opinion of the House can be clarified as follows: 1. Voting by Voice – When a House expresses its consent to a motion by voice or speech, it must be done by voice or speech. Voting is called and such a motion is deemed to have been passed by voice vote. Members may send a thumping, clapping, cheering or any other way of greeting. Sometimes members express their vote clearly by their speech by uttering the words “yes” or “no” respectively in favor and against the motion, but the chairman uses this method of voting in the same case, when all Or almost all the members are in favor or against the motion.


2. Voting by Division of Member Under this system, the chairman of voting asks the members present in the assembly to be divided into two groups. In one group the persons voting in favor of the motion sit and in the other group the neutral members who vote against the motion are separated. Thereafter the Chairman himself or the Secretary asks to count the persons sitting in the groups of for and against. If the group in favor of the motion has more members sitting then the motion is considered to have been passed and if the group opposing the motion has more members sitting then the motion is deemed to have been dropped.


3. Voting by Ballat In this method the ballot papers are distributed to the members. The members put it in the ballot box by marking or writing on the ballot paper. By counting the ballots separately, it is known that how many votes are in favor of the motion and how many are against it? In favor of the majority vote, the Speaker announces his decision. This is a great way to get an opinion. It maintains confidentiality.


4. Voting by Show of Hands – In this method the members raise their hands in favor and against a motion. First the hands of those on the side are counted, then the hands of the opposition are counted by raising their hands. After comparing both the ministries, the Speaker gives his decision on the basis of majority. Voting is generally taken by raising hands in the meeting of companies. In such case each member (irrespective of the number of shares he holds) has the right to have one vote.


5. Voting by Poll – In all the methods of voting, voting is not done on the basis of number and value of shares. In these laws, each member has the right to vote only one vote, no matter how many shares he has. Also absentee members cannot participate in voting. To overcome these difficulties, the system of voting by counting of votes has been made in the Companies Act. In this system each member can vote in proportion to the number of shares held by him. Thus in this system, each member exercises his right to vote according to his interests and the absent member also gets the right to vote through ‘Proxx’.

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