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Legal Provisions Regarding Minutes

The following provision is made in the Companies Act for the preparation of micro-

(1) Period of the subtle- Within 30 days from the date of the meeting, the proceedings of the meeting shall be recorded in the subtle book.

Should be written

(2) The serial number and signature of the subtle should be different for different meetings and all the pages of these books should have serial numbers and signatures.

(3) Details of Directors- Name and micro book of the directors present in the meetings of the Board of Directors.

The names of the dissenting operators should also be written in the subtle book. (4) Details of appointment – If an officer is appointed, then his details should also be in this book. In

(5) Proceedings of the House – A proper and correct picture of the proceedings of the House should be presented in a subtle way.

(6) Place of keeping the subtle – The subtle of the general meeting is kept in the registered office of the company.

(7) Inspection of the micro- Any member subject to the restrictions shall have the right to inspect it free of cost. If the inspection of the subtle is not done by the member, then this guilty person is punished with financial punishment.

(8) Exit the subtle – The court can order the release of the subtle.

(9) Obtaining the copy of the subtle, any member can get the copy of the micro within 7 days, for this he has to deposit the fee also.

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