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Give the definition of antithesis. What are the rules regarding the use of antithesis?

The shareholders of the company are spread far and wide and the organization of the company is indirect. All the work should be carried out according to the policies fixed in the meetings of the shareholders and directors. go. For this, the shareholders and directors are called for attendance, but due to being spread far and wide, it is not possible for all the shareholders to be present in the meeting. Therefore, such a provision has been made in the Companies Act that he can appoint any other person to attend and vote in his place in the meetings of the company, so appointed. It is not mandatory for a person to be a member of the company or not.

According to Lord Hansworth, “A protégé is the representative of a shareholder in the company’s assembly who may be described as an agent who is to do a work on which the shareholder himself has decided. “

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