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extraordinary general assembly

Answer: Extra Ordinary General Meeting is the general meeting of the shareholders of the company. This meeting is called for the completion of a particular business. All the meetings of the shareholders other than the annual general meeting are called extraordinary meetings. Such a meeting is organized when


Some important work comes for which the annual general meeting cannot be waited for.


All the meetings of the members of the company which are held during the interval of two annual general meetings are called unusual general meetings. Any company can hold its unusual general meeting whenever it wants, but it is not mandatory for any company to call and organize such meeting.

Sometimes the members of the Board of Directors feel that some decisions/actions cannot be deferred till the next Annual General Meeting. In such a situation the company has to immediately convene a general meeting of its members. Similarly, sometimes the members of the company also demand to convene an immediate meeting of the company. Such a meeting is called an unusual general meeting.

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