Executive Chairman of TVS Supply Chain Solutions is R Dinesh


On Tuesday, TVS Supply Chain Solutions said that R Dinesh, the company’s founder and promoter, had been chosen by the board of directors to serve as the organization’s executive chairman. His appointment follows S Mahalingam’s resignation as Chairman on August 29, 2023, after serving two terms as an Independent Director.

The TVS Mobility Group subsidiary TVS Supply Chain Solutions also disclosed the induction of K Ananthakrishnan and Narayan K Seshadri as new independent directors to the board. As a result, the board of the firm will now consist of five independent directors (the other three being Tarun Khanna, B Sriram, and Gauri Kumar). S Ravichandran, a non-executive director, left the company’s board in order to follow his own interests.

“TVS SCS is at a pivotal point in its storied history and is prepared to start a new chapter of fast expansion. “We have always believed in the growth framework — customer, capability, and country — as we built the company’s flexible business model with multiple drivers for profitable growth,” stated R Dinesh, Executive Chairman, TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.
I would like to extend a hearty welcome to K Ananthakrishnan and Narayan K Seshadri on board with our technology-driven customer-centric emphasis as well as ongoing business transformation as we enter our next growth phase, he said. the object. Additionally, his knowledge will help TVS SCS in its ongoing expansion as we aim to solidify our position as a technology-driven participant in the global supply chain.

A successful initial public offering (IPO) led to the successful listing of TVS SCS, which is sponsored by TVS Mobility Private Limited, TS Rajam Rubbers Private Limited, Dhinarama Mobility Solution Private Limited, and Ramachandran Dinesh, on stock markets on August 23.

Customers of TVS Supply Chain Solutions come from a variety of sectors, including the automotive, industrial, consumer, rail and utility, healthcare, and technical and technology areas.