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Domain meaning in english

Domain Meaning in Hindi – What is a Domain Name

Friends, today I will tell you very important information. Let us know today about the domain name. Let me tell you for information that the world’s first domain name is which was registered on 15 March 1985. Let me tell you that just as we are identified by our name, in the same way the world of the Internet is identified by the domain name. In the Internet world, the domain name is associated with the IP address of a system or computer, through which it shows the information asked to you, which is also called server or hosting.

Domain Meaning in Hindi What is a domain name.

Domain Name (Domain Name) Just as we recognize humans by their names, in the same way the computer (Internet) identifies with the Ip Address.

So let’s know today. As our domain name is, suppose a user types in Google on his computer or mobile web browser (Chrome, Mozilla), then Google sees the information asked to the user in his list. in will put the website in front of you. Now the thing comes that how does Google know that what we asked Google, how does it know. As blogger writes information for you in his website, after writing he tells his information to Google that if any user wants information, then he can get it by coming to our website.

How does a domain name work?

Domain name is just an identification name that the user can remember so that you can get complete information on this website (domain). One’s website can also be remembered by the domain name, which makes it easy for the user to access the website.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is an address through which we can go to someone’s website. If you do not understand anything, then I will tell you complete information about it. Which is necessary for a website to have a domain name, in the same way an IP address is needed for a domain. Like let me tell you that the identity of the domain name is identified by the IP address in the Internet (Computer) world. Through the IP address, the computer gets to know what their domain name is and is able to give you information as soon as possible.

How many types of domains are there – Type Of Domain Name in Hindi

Like friends, the names of the people living in India are Prakash, Rahul, Ashok, Jeetendra and in the same way the names of Wasim, Karim, Ali and those living in America are Josh, Tom, John.

Similarly, there are many types of domains, which are according to the country. Like you will get to see domain name in India. Domain names like .in .Bharat will be seen. Till now the most popular domain extension in the world is .com which is used mostly all over the country, .com is popular in the world because of this reason that people have a lot of trust about .com, which is very popular. People also consider it trustworthy because the website of many big companies is known from .com like,, but now slowly other domains are also becoming popular, out of which the popular TLD domain is. net , .in, .org , .EDU

SubDomain Name – A subdomain is called someone.

Subdomain name is a part of the main domain and we can create all domains for free with the help of our cpanel, which we do not have to spend a single rupee to create. Which we have the main domain name, we can for example or put anything in front of our domain name, which I tell with an example with Google.

World’s Best Domain Name Provider Company

If you are also thinking that you want to create your own blog or website, then you can buy domain from some of these companies. Nowadays, due to the cashless India of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, domains have become much cheaper than before, you can also buy a domain .com domain for just Rs 100 / -.

Google Domains
Where to get the server for the domain

A good hosting is required for the domain. I will tell about a very good hosting company from my side, from where you can get hosting for a good domain very easily.

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