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Disqualification of Directors

The following persons cannot be appointed as directors, that is, they are disqualified to be directors

(1) a lunatic person if he has been declared insane by the proper court and is still

(2) Undischarged insolvent – An insolvent who has not been discharged (undischarged lunatic. insolvent).

(3) Applicant for insolvency—He has made an application for insolvency and his application is to be considered.

(4) A person sentenced to six months for a moral offense shall have been sentenced by a court of law for a moral offense for not less than six months and not yet five years have elapsed since the end of that sentence.

(5) Six months have elapsed since the last date for payment of the call and he has not yet paid the amount of shares held by him either personally or jointly with others. till

(6) Persons disqualified in connection with the enforcement, construction and management, if any person who has been convicted by reason of his being guilty in connection with the enforcement, construction and management of the company, he may at the time of winding up be convicted of fraud or breach of duty in the company. It’s over

(7) If that person has not been allotted a Operator Identification Number.

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