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Contents of the Prospectus

Prospectus is an important document of the company which attracts the public to invest their money in the company by giving information about the company’s business plans and its profitability. That is why it is necessary that a true picture of the actual position of the company should be presented in the prospectus and all the important things related to the company should be described in it. As per the provisions of the Companies Act 2013, the subject matter of the prospectus is required to include the following:

1. Date – Date will be mentioned on each prospectus. The date mentioned will be considered as the date of publication of the prospectus. 2. Signature Every prospectus shall bear the signatures of all persons whose names are mentioned in the prospectus.

3. Information – The prospectus of every company shall contain the following information: A. Name of the company, address of the registered office of the company, names of the company secretary, chief financial officer, auditors, legal counsel, banks and other persons as may be prescribed.

B. Date of opening and closing of the issue. C. Declaration regarding issue of allotment letter and sending refund within the stipulated time.

D. Statement in respect of a separate bank account in a scheduled bank This statement will be to the effect that all the money received from the issue will be transferred to this account. Apart from this, it will also be declared that the amount received from this issue as well as the amount received from the previous issues, used and unutilized amount and will be disclosed in the prescribed manner.

E. Details of underwriting – The details include the names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax of the undercover

The number and e-mail address and amount received by them will be mentioned. F. Consent of Directors, Auditors, Issue Banks, Experts and other designated persons- Concurrence of Trustees, Solicitors or Advocates, Issue Merchant Bankers, Issue Registrar, Lenders, Experts shall also be included in the prospectus.

G. Procedure and schedule for allotment and issue of securities

H. Details of the directors including their appointment and remuneration, their nature and extent in the company and other such matters as may be prescribed. of interest

I. Disclosure in the manner prescribed in respect of the source of the promoter’s contribution.J. The main objectives of the company and the present business of the company and its location, schedule of implementation of the project.

K. Minimum subscription, which shall include the amount payable as premium, consideration in addition to cash, and the details of the shares issued. Feather

4. Details of the project – The following details related to the project will be given in the description

(a) The view or view of the managers regarding the specific risk elements of the project.

(b) gestation period of the project

(c) the extent of progress of the project.

(d) Last date for completion of the project.

5. Details of cases – Details of complaints or legal proceedings will also be given in the prospectus.

6. Reports In each statement the following reports shall be applied for the purposes of financial information

(i) Report of the auditors in respect of the profits and losses, assets and liabilities and other matters of the company.

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