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You must have heard about computer virus  . These are harmful to the computer. Just as a virus causes many diseases by reaching the human body, in the same way virus also harms the computer. Which can delete important files , many types of problems start happening in the system.

I am going to tell you the purpose of making the virus and its history. If you are learning computer then this post will be useful for you.

What is computer virus – Computer Virus 

A computer virus is a program. Which enters the computer with the help of the Internet and it is not visible like a normal program, this is the reason that we do not know even if the virus comes in the computer. These viruses encrypt our important files. After that those files are of no use. This virus can also spread from one computer to another.

computer virus in hindi 

Easily move from an encrypted computer to another computer via CD, DVD or pendrive. Through virus, hackers can steal the data of any computer and can destroy the software of that computer. Computer virus is very dangerous and it is made by programmers and not by themselves. It is mainly made to steal data and destroy someone’s computer.  

history of computer virus 

The first virus engineer was Robot Thomas who created the creeper virus in 1971. He used to work there arpa company which was based in America. Thomas created arpanet to encrypt. This virus was displayed on the screen after encrypting the system. “I’m the creeper catch me if you can.”
A computer virus called elk cloner was first discovered. Which was found in Apple’s operating system, which was created by this virus through floppy disk. Created in 1982 by Richard Screnta. which he was a student at that time. 

what does a computer virus do   

A computer virus can destroy the operating system of a computer and encrypt the data. Can delete file. Can control your computer. and can do a lot more. Right now viruses are not a summon, many are more powerful, then some viruses have a limit. 

It depends on its developer that for what purpose it is designed. It is certain that the virus is harmful to the computer. 

what is malware  

There are many types of viruses, you must have heard about malware virus. Computer virus is called malware. These viruses slowly enter the computer system and destroy all the files. It mostly enters the computer through the Internet.

There are three types of malware 1 Trojan horse 2  worm  3 

type of virus 

There are many types of viruses that damage the computer in different ways. Some of the viruses are given below. 

Boot sector virus: 

These viruses enter the computer through usb drive or cd, dvd and attack the computer system. Due to this virus, there is a problem in booting the computer or laptop. To destroy this virus, the system has to be formatted. 

 micro virus:

The virus damages or destroys the files of Microsoft’s application Microsoft World Excel Powerpoint etc. Or slows down that application. 

Trojan Horse 

Trojan is like a normal program, if you install this virus then it can have dire consequences. They can hack your password and can also delete all the data on the hard disk. With the help of this hacker can control the computer remotely, the virus “Back Orifice” which spread in 1949 was a Trojan horse.

what is worm

Worm is also like a virus, it damages the computer. It copies itself very fast and starts expanding in other computers. It reaches another computer with the help of internet email. The worms are saved in the virus folder itself and looking at it, it does not seem that there is a worm. 

virus protection 

If you are downloading any file or application, then download it from a good website. Avoid downloading any encrypt file or application in the greed of free. Do not download the file received in the scam email. In this way you can protect your computer from computer virus. Install antivirus and keep scanning it every now and then.

what is antivirus 

Antivirus is a type of program or software  that detects and deletes the file application or file that causes harm, so that your important file remains safe. It comes in both paid and free versions.

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