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Computers used to be very big earlier, a room is used to keep them, but today the computer is becoming very small and powerful. The software required to run the computer is called operating system. It is also called os in short. Let us know what the operating system is.

what is operating system 

Operating system is very important for the computer to run, it is also called system software. Without it the computer is like a box. Basically an operating system is a program that gives life to a computer. Without it the computer cannot start.

computer operating system

To run the hardware, it is necessary to have software , with the help of which we operate the computer or give orders to do any work. 

When you start the computer, the name of the operating system is written. Mostly 3 types of operating systems are in vogue, the first is the Windows operating system, the Apple operating system and the third is the Linux operating system. 

operating system requirement  

It is the main part of the computer, it is also called master program. It is installed on the C drive of the computer and controls the computer. And it is helpful to play application, video, audio etc. It gives the user the ability to perform tasks. We can also call it the life of computer. 

type of operating system    

Do you know what an operating system is? But it is also important to know how many types of operating systems are there. By the way, there are many types of operating systems, here I am going to tell about some operating systems. There were many problems in the earlier operating system, which were removed and made more advanced. The operating systems that you and we use today have been updated many times. to make better.

single user operating system 

In this system, the computer allows only one person to work or create an account, in older operating systems such as Window 95, 98 or Window DOS. 

multi user operating system

Many users can work in this operating system and can create their own account. In which all the users have their own unique password. So that many people can use one computer according to their own. Examples of the new operating systems that are coming now are Linux Unique, Windows.

batch operating system

This operating system was used earlier, it is not used now. Memory was very limited in earlier computers. At that time users used to use a job card. Jobs were created by five cards. After that the job card was handed over to the computer operator. The operator used to load and process it simultaneously.

multi operating system

In this, users can work by opening multiple applications simultaneously. This operating system allows the user to access two or more programs. Often you must be doing things like listening to songs in mobile or computer while working in another application. All the operating systems of today are examples of this.

most 5 operating systems 

The most used operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android and Apple’s iOS. You must have known about these operating systems. Operating systems are becoming more advanced with time. With new features. 

microsoft operating system

It is an operating system made by Microsoft which is mostly used in computers. Microsoft window operating system is very popular and user friendly. Must be using ms word ms excel and power point. This is also a Microsoft application.

Talking about Windows, Microsoft has made many operating systems. Which the user uses according to his choice, the list of now made operating systems of the window is given below.

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