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Charges for which registration is mandatory. (Charges Whose Registration is Compulsory)

Registration is mandatory for the following types of charges

 1. The charge securing any issue of debentures i.e. if a company issues debentures and generates a charge on the company’s assets for them, it is mandatory to register that charge.

2. Charges on Uncalled Share Capital

3. Charges on any fixed asset, wherever situated or how much therein

4. Charges on any book debts of the company.

5. Moving charges on the undertaking including stock. 6. Whether there is a charge interest on the solicitation i.e. the solicitations requested but not paid.

7. Charges on any part of a shipwreck

8. Patent of Goodwill or License under Patent or Charge on Trademark or Copyright

9.Charges arising abroad on property located abroad.

10. Charges arising in India on property located abroad.

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