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amazing things

Question- What is the plant that resembles the form of a man? When it is uprooted, does it make the sound of crying like a child? Answer – Madak plant (America).

Question- Which country has the fastest train in the world? Answer- Bullet proof train 480 km/h (Japan).

Question: Which fish gives birth and gives milk? Answer – Sheel and whale fish.

Question: Which is the fish that swims in water, moves on land, and flies in the air? Answer – Garnai fish.

Question- What is the full name of UNICEF? Answer The full name of UNICEF is United National Children’s Emergency Fund.

Question – When was the first telegraph house established in India? Answer- The first telegraph in India was established in 1953.

Question- Name the city in the world where it rains throughout the year? Answer – Mediterranean region.

Give an example of social change. Answer: Family disintegration.

Question: What is the ratio of male to female in the population of India? Answer- There are 940 females for every thousand males.

Question- Where is the National Milk Research Station? Answer – In Karnal (Haryana).

Question- Which is the largest building made of a single rock in the world? Answer- Kailash Temple, India.

Question – How do you see the moon on the new moon day and the day after it? does not appear .

Question: Name a tree whose leaves do not have thorns? Answer – Henna.

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