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Question: Why is the weather sometimes cold sometimes hot?

Answer – Because of the Sun

Question: Why does the body feel cool from the fan?

Answer – Cooling is produced by evaporation, due to this.

Question: Why is it advised to remove pen ink before boarding a plane?

Answer: Because the air pressure decreases at higher altitudes.

Question: A needle sinks in water, but a ship floats in water, why?

Answer – The weight of the volume of water displaced by the ship is more than its own weight, hence the ship floats.

Question – Why is a little space left between the railway tracks?

Answer – This place is left so that due to heat the tracks expand, so if the iron of the railway tracks expands, then it can get a place to spread.

Question- If a glass is heated, it breaks, but why does the metal not break?

Answer- Because the expansion of glass is not regular.

Question: Why does the color red appear red?

Answer- Because a red object converts only red colour, it absorbs the remaining six colours.

Question- Do raindrops fall on the earth with the same velocity or with acceleration?

Answer: With the same acceleration.

Question: Why do two blankets stay warmer than one blanket of equal thickness?

Answer – Two blankets remain hot because heat or heat cannot pass through the air layer between them.

Question: Why do clothes dry faster on hot days than on cold days?

Answer – In the summer days, the moisture in the air is less, the power to hold water is more. During cold days, the humidity in the air is high, so it can absorb only a small amount of water from outside.

Question – Why is the handle of metal utensils made of wood?

Answer – Heat cannot flow through wood, whereas metal is a heat conductor.

Question – A coin or other object lying on the bottom of a vessel filled with water seems to be rising, why?

Answer- Because the light rays that come out of that coin are bent outwards in the air.

Question- Breath is visible in cold, but is not visible in heat, why?

Answer- The vapor particles contained in the breath condensate (cadase) from the cold and take the liquid form and become visible.

Question – Why do water pipes burst in cold weather?

Answer – Ice expands due to freezing of water in them, but the volume of the pipe remains the same. Because of this the pipes burst.

Question: Why are the leaves green?

Answer- White sunlight is made up of seven colours. Any object or any color is visible because it absorbs the other six colours. And only green colors are reflected green. Leaves appear green because they reflect green light.

Question: Why does a person fall when he gets off a running car?

Answer: Why does a person fall when he gets off a running car? The body of the person descending with the car ahead of its speed is moving. When the foot hits the road when it jumps, then the foot stops. But the motion of other parts of the body continues in the same way, due to which the man falls in the direction of driving.

Question: Why does the gun push backwards when fired?

Answer: According to Newton’s third law, for every action there is an equal reaction.

Question- Clouds hear the sound of thunder later, but the light is seen first, why?

Answer: The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound.

Question – Name the king who was born, died in his own country, died in another country, was buried in the third country?

Answer – Emperor Alexander, born in Greece, died in Afghanistan and buried in Egypt.

Question – Where was the milking goat found, tell the name of the country?

Answer- In Laharpur, District Sitapur Veterinary Hospital, India.

Question – Name the elephant with white color and four teeth?

Answer: Airavata.

Question – Whose weapon is bow made of flowers, whose companion is Basant and Kokil vehicle. What is the name of the one who churns anyone’s heart in a moment?

Answer – Question Cupid

Question – Those who were born with akshamala and kamandal as soon as they were born. Whose complexion was white and had four hands. what was the name?

Answer – Agastya Rishi, consisting of Akshamala and Kamandal, birth color white, four hands, wife’s name Lopamudra

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