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amazing things 2

Question: Petroleum has no formula. Why? Answer- Because it is a mixture of many hydrocarbons and other compounds.

Question- What is rock salt? Answer: The salt extracted from the surface of the earth by digging the bottom of the rocks is called rock salt.

Why do raw fruits have a sour taste? Answer- Because of the staff present in them.

Question- Which device converts electrical energy into mechanical energy? Answer: By motor.

Question: Which device converts electrical energy into sound energy? Answer from loudspeaker.

Question- Which language was born during the Mughal period? Ans- Urdu language was born in India during the Mughal period.

Question: Name the author of economics. Answer – Kautilya

Question- Stars appear twinkling in the sky, why? Answer- Due to the varying temperature in different layers of the air, its density also decreases, so the light coming from the stars keeps getting converted in different amounts in the air, due to which these stars appear twinkling to the human eyes.

Question- Give reason why the blood is red? Answer: Blood contains a protein-rich pigment called haemoglobin. Its color is red. Due to this pigment, the color of blood appears red.

Question- What is the plant that meets the human body? When it is uprooted, there is a sound of crying like a child? Answer – Madrac plant (America)

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