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Question- Are the tortoise’s teeth sharp or flat? Answer: Turtles do not have teeth.

Question: Are frogs living in the sea poisonous? Answer – Frogs do not live in the sea.

Question- Who is the animal without ears, legs and eyelids? Answer: Snake.

Question- Which animal has eyes on its back? Answer – of cockroaches.

Question: Which fish is the fish through which electricity flows? Answer: Torpedo.

Question- What is the difference between constellations and planets? Answer – Nakshatras are self-illuminated but planets are not self-illuminated.

Question: How big is the Sun compared to the size of the Earth? Answer – The size of the Sun is 109 times bigger than the Earth.

Question: Which color stars are the hottest? Answer: Blue stars.

Question- Answer: Why does the sun not get cold? Answer – There is a lot of pressure and heat in the center of the Sun, due to which hydrogen gas keeps changing into the nucleus of nuclear helium gas and thermal energy keeps on generating from it.

Question: What is the percentage of water in the human body? Answer – 65-70 percent.

Question: Why do our eyes blink when suddenly there is bright light? Answer – Due to reflex action.

Question- Why the lizard does not fall while climbing the wall? Answer – Lizard creates void by pressing its padded feet on the wall while climbing the wall. Due to this, the grip of her feet becomes strong against the wall and she does not fall.

Question- Which bird sucks the blood of sleeping animals? Vampire bat found in North America.

Question- Which flower is there on which the bumblebee does not sit? – North Champa.

Question- Which animal has legs on its chest? Answer- There are three pairs of legs on the locust’s chest.

Question: Where is the purest water found? Answer- Rain water is the purest. Flowing on the earth brings many impurities in it.

Question- Which is the most impure water? Answer: The most impure water is from the sea.

Question- How will you identify jams and jellies by their taste? Answer – Jam is sweet in taste and jelly is sour-sweet.

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